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by Jim O

Not gonna talk about the weather for a third week in a row. It's just...too depressing. Get yourself some all weather skate gear and try to make the most of it, or find the OG CSC figurine on eBay and make all your ornamental dreams come true!

New arrivals: the all new Thunder Lights II trucks, which are the same as the old ones but more minimal graphic which you all wanted. Gave our griptape stock its own place on the site and we finally around to sticking all those Indy bushings on the site.

Rye Beres takes the Vans-heavy Wrecking Crew all the way from Toronto to Philly. JLay's still got them swiz tres and Dick Rizzo performs the most re-watched trick of the week.

Absolute powerhouse Mason Silva finds a new home at Huf. Still scratching our heads where he's gonna get boards from though. That Thrasher cover is no joke.

Near enough 4 minutes of Max Palmer front noseslides is the compilation you never knew you needed. 

Jake Martinelli's ditched the VX but is still capturing good stuff of Josh Cox, Jak Pietryga and the rest of the Rugged Raw boys in VX4000.

13 unadulterated minutes of your boy Oski's Orange Label Extras.

Most of us thought Dashawn Jordan would end up on April but he just turned pro for MJ's Business and Company. Which after more than a year of just being a trademarked name has finally done something. Don't watch if you're expecting to see any skating though.

Caleb Barnett's Bunt is worth a listen, talks about being mates with Dashawn Jordan, lowkey but not so lowkey beef with Jenkem, skating with legends and more.

In a singing competition where celebrities dress up in costumes covering their face and the judges try and guess who it is. Tony Hawk is apparently the masked singer.

WKND + Frog fans will be hyped on Kris Burkhardt's HUM vid.

Speaking of WKND, Death Dance is now available to watch in full.

Gonz and friends take you on a magical journey in episode two of Abnormal Communication.

New Emerica video hits hard. Check it out to see what Dakota can do on a rail.

Hungry Guys is the five minute #feelgood montage your day needed.

Following the Ben Raemers Foundation SMiLe premiere, Parade's Matt Broadly sits down with Aaron Herrington and discusses mental health struggles. 

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