The Week Today, Now - 6/12/2021

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including new Yardsale video, raw street skating from a Chinese megacity, and Yuto vs Suciu: The Final Showdown.   

Kelvinas Litvinas with a hefty ollie from the new Yardsale UK video, shot by Rafal Wojnowski

Photo: Kelvinas Litvinas with a hefty ollie from the new Yardsale UK video, shot by Rafal Wojnowski

Alongside their latest clothing capsule, Yardsale have just released a new video filmed throughout the UK, including some iconic South Wales locations. Keep an eye out to see if you can recognise any Cardiff spots and make sure you head to the shop to grab the latest Yardsale goodies before they’re gone.

Jenkem have uploaded a new indie video filmed in the Chinese megacity Chongqing, which shows off some of the incredible spots the city has to offer, alongside an interview with the filmmakers which provides some interesting insight into what it’s like skating in China.

'B TEAM VIDEO' is the new video from Charles Rivard's griptape company, Classic Griptape, and it's gotta be the feel-good video of the year with hilarious B-roll, insane sledding stunts, and those inflatable dancing things. The skating's alright too.

Jenkem pay homage to the legendary skate photographer Mike O'Meally with a new video and interview discussing his timeless photography and his upcoming 'Sydney (Un)Scene 92-98' exhibition. Definitely one to check out for the aspiring skate photographers out there.

John Fitzgerald shot by Mike O'MeallyPhoto: John Fitzgerald shot by Mike O'Meally

Carrying on with the Welsh theme from last week, the latest episode of the Skate Creative Podcast features the one and only Matt Pritchard. Pritch talks about his recent adventures, making his cooking show, and starting skating in Cardiff. You definitely don't wanna miss this one.

‘Reckless Operations of Skates’ is the latest video from John Shanahan’s Pangea Jeans, featuring John and the rest of the crew as they hit some iconic 90s spots decked out in their supremely saggy denim. After his Bronze video part last week and the ‘Pangea Jeans Promo’ earlier in the year, this year has been an absolute treat for fans of the 90s revivalist.

Japan’s Olympic sensation, Yuto Horigome, has come through with a bangin’ new part out for Spitfire, just in time for Thrasher's official announcement of their SOTY contenders. Yuto shows off his backbreaking trick selection with some extremely rare nollie manoeuvres, and even gets buck on some San Fran hillbombs; is there anything he can’t do?

While it may have looked like Yuto was gonna steal Mark’s crown when he released his Spitfire part, Mark hit back just two days later with his fourth part in as many weeks. ‘Flora: Episode 3’ could possibly his most insane part of the year, with an absolutely ludicrous barrage of lesser-seen rail tricks alongside his usual brand of well-thought-out lines, firmly establishing Mark as the front-runner for SOTY. Honestly can't see anyone being able to outdo him at this point, but you never know.

Mark Suciu front feebles through the kinks, shot by Tim Hans

Photo: Mark Suciu front feebles through the kink, shot by Tim Hans

Corey Glick has a new part out for Uprise skate shop which some very tasteful tricks in there, particularly enjoyed the line after the title credits with the tre flip, varial, and pop shuv; Mark Suciu would probably call it ‘the devolution of a tre flip’ or something wanky. That fs boardslide nollie out was real nice as well.

South Coast sensation, Harrison Woolgar, has a new part up on Vague. Filmed in just four days in Tunbridge Wells, Harrison shows off his quick feet, bangin’ trick selection, and beautiful trou.

Gifted Hater's back with another epic tier list, this time ranking 'illegal tricks'. Probably worth consulting this next time you see an inward-dolphin-double-flip on TikTok and think it's cool. It's not.

Some of the Carhartt team took a trip to Baltimore and Washington D.C. resulting in some lovely Andrew Wilson and Max Palmer clips. Max Palmer and Jennifer Lara is a winning combo for sure.

Valentin Ferreira's 'eye of judas' is a stylish new VX offering from Paris featuring Auguste Bouznad, Kevin Rodrigues, and other fashionable Frenchmen.

Meme of the week:

Kevin Bradley Mark Suciu meme by badskatermemes
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