Product Spotlight - Skateboard Cafe Summer '21

by Dan Bunn

After a series of unfortunate delays, the Summer '21 collection from Skateboard Cafe has just landed in store with a massive selection of skateboard decks and clothing.

Skateboard Cafe available at Cardiff Skateboard Club

After what feels like an eternity with no Skateboard Cafe gear on our shelves, the Bristolian legends are back and bigger than ever. They've made up for lost time with this massive drop featuring a range of new graphics, the return of some timeless classics, and all-new pro model decks for their latest addition to the team: 'Rancid' Harry Ogilvie. We've had a lot of questions about when there's gonna be new clobber from Skate Cafe so make sure you grab something quick because it won't be around for long.

Skateboard Cafe 'Was Nothing Real' Truman Show skateboard deck

Carrying on their series of film-based graphics, the 'Was Nothing Real' graphic features an iconic shot from the end of the classic Jim Carrey film, 'The Truman Show'. The graphic features one of the most poignant shots from the film, where Truman finally reaches the exit to the television set where he spent his whole life, signifying the climax of his spiritual journey. The shot is not only poignant in the context of the film's plot, but it's also an extremely striking image with the contrast figure of Truman, dressed all in black, standing out against the artificial sky background, and the shadows cast by the stairs also providing a striking contrast. This Truman Show themed graphic is available as a T-shirt or a skateboard deck, but this one's a wall-hanger for sure. We've already had loads of people asking about this one so it definitely won't be around for long. You better move fast if you wanna avoid missing out.

Skateboard Cafe 'Was Nothing Real' Truman Show Tee Shirt

The collection also features the new pro model decks from the latest addition to the Skate Cafe pro roster, 'Rancid' Harry Ogilvie. We've been big fans of Harry for years, from his daily Guinness pictures to his unique spot and trick selection, it's safe to say that Harry being given the pro nod is extremely well-deserved. His 'Old Duke' pro graphic by London-based artist, Gaurab Thakali, depicts a scene of people dancing in a pub that's in keeping with Cafe's jazzy themes and Harry's love for traditional boozers. The graphic is available in a series of decks, with various colours and sizes from 8.125" to 8.5", as well as a hoodie and a range of coloured T-shirts. We're big fans of this graphic and the massive range of options means there's something for everyone.

Skateboard Cafe Rancid Harry Ogilvie 'Old Duke' skateboard deck (yellow)

Another new graphic series featured in the collection, Kurdish artist Tishk Barzanji returns with another striking series filled with vibrant colours and contrasting black forms. You may recognise Tishk's work from the last Skate Cafe drop, which featured his work in the shape of the 'Unexpected Beauty' and 'Endure' graphics, which proved to be really popular. This time, Tishk comes through with the 'Monopoly' series, which features his signature modernist style, exploring space and human interaction through the use of colour, and is available as a T-shirt or a series of decks. The graphic's split across two decks and would make a bangin' wall-hanger if you're a baller and fancy getting the whole set.

Skateboard Cafe 'Monopoly One' Deck by Tishk Barzanji
Skateboard Cafe 'Monopoly Two' Deck by Tishk Barzanji

The collection also brings back some timeless Skate Cafe designs, including the iconic '45' series in a range of clothing and decks. This heavily musical-themed series is an absolute classic with its simple yet effective designs harkening back to the glory days of vinyl records and jazz music. The decks mimic the appearance of vinyl records with the iconic round label in the middle - complete with useful info like RPM - and embossed rings adding that unforgettable vinyl feeling. Available in a range of sizes - from 8" to 8.5" - and designs, Skate Cafe cover all the bases with this one. Likewise, the series is also available as a range of clothing including shortsleeve and longsleeve T-shirts, crewnecks, and hoodies.

Skateboard Cafe '45' deck (Teal/Cream) 8.5"
Skateboard Cafe '45' Hood in Black

Last but not least, the drop also includes the sleek new 'Pink Lady' series. The graphic features the word 'Cafe' in the shape of a vibrant red apple, and is available as a deck or cap. Perfect for fans of clean and simple logos.

Skateboard Cafe 'Pink Lady' Deck 8.7"

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop now to browse the full range of Skateboard Cafe decks and clothing at Cardiff Skateboard Club. Safe.

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