Product Spotlight - Yardsale Winter '21

Dan Bunn

The Yardsale boys have come through with a double whammy, dropping their new video, 'YS UK', alongside a bangin' range of tasteful winter garments.

The video kicks off with a bangin' part from manual magician Alex Hatfield which is filled with luscious lines and plenty of graceful balancing, as well as a Cardiff cameo from teammate Kelvinas Litvinas at Wavey Wall (RIP). Not usually a fan of fliptricks out of 50-50s but fair play he made that look bangin' and it's a pretty sick use of the spot. After a team montage in the middle, Bear Myles shuts the video down with a bangin' part. Those Barrack Hill lines are no joke.

Yardsale 'Medellin' Tee (Green)

The clothing collection features a range of bangin' graphic tees dripping in Yardsale's signature style. One of the sickest designs has got to be the 'Forbidden Fruit' tee - available in black, white, and a lovely shade of blue - which features some angry-looking weed plants on a coloured background above Yardsale's classic text logo. Not gonna lie I thought they were Christmas trees at first so it's perfect for the festive season.

Yardsale 'Forbidden Fruit' Tee (White)

Another favourite from the collection, the 'Cerberus' tee comes in a bangin' charcoal grey colour that makes a nice change from the usual black or white and nicely compliments the dull purple tones of the graphic. The graphic itself depicts a fierce-looking three-headed dog, which you may have guessed if you know your Greek mythology, in a sick lilac colour. I'm a big fan of this one so, if you want it, you better act quick because otherwise I'll be having it. You've been warned.

Yardsale 'Cerberus' Tee (Grey)

The bangers just keep coming in this drop with the amazing 'Insomnia' tee, available in white or blue. The graphic features a split between a cheerful yellow sun and an angry-looking blue moon thing (not really sure what it is to be honest but it's sick) on a checkerboard background. There's big 'yin and yang' vibes with this one, maybe the graphic depicts the duality of man, or the changing of the seasons, or maybe it just looks cool. Who knows? Who cares? Either way it's a bloody nice T-shirt.

Yardsale 'Insomnia' Tee (Blue)

Aside from the graphic tees, the drop also features a delightful stripey number, the 'Medellin' tee, available in red or green colourways. This tee is made from 100% cotton piqué so has a lovely textured feel to it, and the added thickness makes it perfect for these cold winter months.

Yardsale 'Medellin' Tee (Red)

The collection also features some clean and simple caps embroidered with Yardsale's 'Phantasy' logo in an unstructured 'dad hat' style, available in grey or silver. Perfect for fans of simplistic designs.

Yardsale 'Phantasy' Cap (Silver)
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop now to buy the full range of Yardsale clothing and skateboard decks at Cardiff Skateboard Club. Safe.


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