The Week Today, Now - 10/06/2024

By Dan Bunn


Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Oski's Red Shark, Thrasher x Anti-Hero and Dick Rizzo's Headspace.

Oskar Rozenberg roll-in, photo by Pedro Raimundo
Oski nailing the colour coordination, shot by Pedro Raimundo


Sticking with his shark theme, Oski is back with a new Nike SB Dunk colourway and of course he's come through with a hectic new part to celebrate with five minutes of buttery transition, ludicrous drop-ins and general all-terrain savagery.

Evisen's child prodigy, Kotora Mitani, has just become the brand's newest pro, treating us all to a hectic new part to mark the occasion packed with that signature Evisen trifecta of quick-footed flavour, Mach-10 lines and no-nonsense hammers.

Doesn't get much more hellride than a Thrasher x Antihero collab and the revs are particularly heavy in their new 'Cross Contamination' video as Grant Taylor, Raney Beres, Gus Gordon, Nick Matthews and the rest of the squad crush everything in their path.

Grant Taylor in the new Anti-Hero x Thrasher collab, shot by Michael Burnett
GT hellridin' in the new Anti-Hero x Thrasher video, shot by Michael Burnett

Serious power moves from DGK as they welcome certified OG Rodrigo TX to the squad with an ultra gangsta new part - although it does make you wonder why this didn't happen years ago and who he even skated for before this.

Spend a day in the life of Dick Rizzo in HUF's new 'Headspace' video as he heads back to New Jersey to show us around his hometown while talking all things skateboarding and graffiti before hitting the streets of NYC.

King of the Road might feel like a distant memory but luckily the legends at Skate Like a Girl have got the hijinx covered with their Wheels of Fortune Witch Hunt bringing those OG KOTR shenanigans with a more inclusive vibe.

Dick Rizzo Switch Nosegrind, photo by Mike Heikkila
Rizzo switch nosegrinding in the Big Apple, shot by the world's worst passenger princess, Mike Heikkila.

Two SOTY wins and now 2 pro shoes. Adidas have marked the release of the new Tyshawn 2 shoe with a wholesome video exploring his Mum's influence on his skating. He's a big softie really.

Finding spots in Barcelona that haven't been thoroughly rinsed is no easy feat but Alexey Krasniy somehow manages to scope out a load of lesser-seen spots in his new 'SAUVIGNON FUNK' part.

Soothe those Monday blues with four minutes of Florida-based Brad Cromer smoothness in his lovely new self-filmed iPhone edit. Another quality contribution to the emoji title trend.

Tyshawn Jones and his Mum for the adidas Tyshawn II, photo by Zander Taketomo
Tyshawn x Mumzy, shot by Zander Taketomo.
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