Product Spotlight - Polar Skate Co Summer '24

By Dan Bunn


Graphic tees, denim jackets and tasteful polos; Polar Skate Co have smashed out an absolute belter of a summer range to raise the hype before their new video drops. Don't miss out!

We've got another premium summer collection for you to enjoy and this time it's everyone's favourite Swedes, Polar Skate Co, throwing their hat into the ring with an impeccable selection of goodies. Complete with graphic T-shirts, denim jackets, suave shirts, all-new Surf Shorts and more, the Polar Skate Co Summer '24 collection has everything you need to inject an extra bit of style into your summer. Plus, with a new Polar video coming out very soon, now's the perfect time to stock up on Polar gear before it sells out, because we all know they never miss when it comes to their videos.


Kicking things off with a fresh selection of T-shirts, Polar have worked their visual wizardry once again to come through with a range of impeccable new graphics.

For maximum bang for your buck, we've got the 'Magnet' and 'Fields' Tees which double down on the graphics with stylish Polar logos on the chest alongside larger, more intricate graphics on the back, like the futuristic design of the 'Magnet' graphic or the slightly spooky 'Fields' graphic.

Alternatively, if you prefer to keep things simple the drop also includes the new Polar Skate Co 'Dreams' and 'Invasion' T-shirts which both feature tasteful chest prints for more minimalist vibes, with the 'Invasion' T-shirt featuring colourful castle artwork by Crude while the 'Dreams' Tee features a more old-school-inspired design.

Polar Skate Co Invasion T-shirt (Black)


Alongside the new graphic tees, the Polar Skate Co Summer '24 range also features a tasteful new polo shirts just in case you're looking for a more sophisticated aesthetic.

The new Polar Skate Co 'Serge' Polo Shirt comes in a lovely Jade Green colourway with a classic polo construction and embroidered Polar Stroke logo on the chest. 

While it may look like you're average polo shirt, Polar have spiced things up with a terrycloth construction for a unique look and luxurious feel that's perfect for soaking up that summer sweat.

Polar Skate Co Serge Polo Shirt (Jade Green)


If you're looking for something a little bit warmer to deal with those evening chills, the Polar Skate Co Summer '24 collection also features a premium denim jacket for a stylish, lightweight outer layer.

The new Polar 'Patrik' Denim Jacket comes in a timeless Dirty Blue colourway for that washed-out, worn aesthetic with an oversized fit, dropped shoulders and a 435GSM heavyweight denim construction for a high-quality feel. Couple this up with some Big Boy Jeans for those premium double denim vibes!

Polar Patrik Denim Jacket (Dirty Blue)


Last but definitely not least, of course the drop also features some new Polar Skate Co pants, including a re-up in one of the most popular Polar Big Boys colourways so you can take your sag to the next level.

It wouldn't be a Polar Skate Co drop without some of their best-selling Big Boy Jeans and this time we've stocked up on one of their sleekest colourways ever: Pitch Black, because everybody knows you have to be absolutely solid to wear black jeans in summer.

But don't worry if black's not your colour, we've got a wide selection of Polar Big Boys available to suit your every need, including a variety of colourways in the classic fit as well as Big Boy Cords, Double Knee Work Pants and Big Boy Jean Shorts.

Polar Big Boy Cords
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Polar Skate Co decks and clothing at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.