Product Spotlight - Last Resort VM005 Loafers

By Dan Bunn


Inject some sophistication into your life with the classy new Last Resort VM005 Loafers, perfect for when you're skating at 11 but have a wedding at 12.

It's no secret that Last Resort AB is one of the classiest brands in skateboarding, with their love for clean aesthetics, small logos and general Scandinavian tastefulness. Despite this, Pontus and the gang have taken their suavity to a whole new level with the Last Resort VM005 Loafers, transforming a classic dress shoe into a fully-functioning skate shoe to help you bring some extra class to your clips. 

Following in the footsteps of Dylan Rieder and his iconic formalwear-inspired pro shoes, the Last Resort VM005 Dress Shoes are truly all-purpose skate shoes that you can wear to a job interview or a wedding and still be able to hit the streets afterwards. If you're someone who enjoys the finer things in life, like fine wines and cigars over budget street beers and rollies, then the Last Resort Loafers are the shoes for you.

However, if you're not already on board with the Last Resort hype, luckily for you the lads have just released an incredible new video demonstrating why so many skaters across the globe have fallen in love with the brand. Filmed by the one and only Daniel Dent, Last Resort's 'Doomed From The Jump' features all the finest LRAB heads, including Chris Milic, Jesse Alba, Dane Brady, Paul Grund and Frankie Decker, as they hunt out the most obscure spots the West Coast has to offer. 

Complete with ropey DIY rail set-ups and some of the most creative uses of curbs we've seen since Big Red got destroyed (RIP), Last Resort live up to their 'Break Free' motto with their truly enlightened spot selection. If you're sick of bland, corporate skate videos featuring the same old spots then 'Doomed From The Jump' is sure to be a breath of fresh air that's guaranteed to make you want hit the streets in search of esoteric spots of your own.


The Last Resort VM005 Loafers are the perfect choice for any sophisticated skateboarder looking to stand out from the crowd - or anyone who doesn't want to splash out on a single-use pair of shit-flickers for a dreaded, upcoming formal event.

Matching the creativity and tastefulness showcased in their new video, the Last Resort VM005 recreates the classic loafer aesthetic with a slip-on construction, distinctive toe-box stitching and suede tassels for extra flavour.

Last Resort VM005 Loafer Skate Shoes (Dusty Blue)

Despite the formal aesthetic, the Last Resort Loafers are still skate shoes at their core with a premium suede upper, vulcanised rubber sole for maximum boardfeel and their signature Cloudy Cush removable insoles for comfort and impact protection.

We've got the Last Resort VM005 Loafer in a variety of stylish colourways to suit any occasion, including the sleek Dress Blues / Black, the timeless Brown / Black or a more summery Dusty Blue / Black. Whether you've got a wedding coming up or you're looking to sophisticate your swag, it doesn't get much classier than the new Last Resort Loafers!

Last Resort VM005 Loafer Skate Shoes (Dress Blues)
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Last Resort skate shoes at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.