The Week Today, Now - 02/05/2022

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Nak and Tyshawn leaving FA, fantastic Finns, and Jordan Trahan stylin' on you.

Eetu Toropainen frontside smith grind, photo by Ville Kähkönen - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Breaking news this week as both Nakel Smith and Tyshawn Jones announced they’re leaving Fucking Awesome. Highly likely that they’re splitting off to do their own thing so keep your eyes peeled for Hardies becoming a fully-fledged board brand or something completely new.

Style lord, Jordan Trahan, has a new part for Ace Trucks filmed in his native New Orleans with plenty of flowy lines and floaty bangers, including some buttery, lesser-seen noseslide combos.

Dykie's 'Open That Door' video is now up online for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to give it a watch for some honest discussion of mental health as well as some bangin' skating.

The good homies over at Swales have compiled five whole minutes of draconic behaviour from over the summer with all your favourite legends including Bummo, Bailey, Collins, and Pulley.

Myles Willard has a new part out on Jenkem with cameos from the rest of the Toy Machine minions and plenty of the usual subliminal stimuli. You can have a read of Jenkem's interview with Myles as well if you're not already sick of reading.

Myles Willard backside smith grind, photo by Ricky Aponte - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

The Krooked boys hit up Cream City resulting in a lovely 4-minute edit of Matt Gottwig, Sebo Walker, and Simon Jensen tearing up the indoor park.

Glue Skateboards have released a bangin' new full-length featuring Leo Baker, Cooper Winterson, Trish McGowan, and many more.

Spanish bespoke, handmade trouser company, Safe Pants, have dropped a new video filmed in Valencia with plenty of stylish spaniards such as Javier De Pedro, Lucas Cebreiros, and Alex Rios. Safe to say the trou look absolutely bangin’.

More goodness out of Finland this week in the form of a new full-length from the Troposphere crew, which basically means one thing: delightful new footy from GOAT-to-be, Eetu Toropainen. Loads of hammers from the rest of the squad mind, including some technical prowess from Aleksi Suovaara and a bangin' last part from Jukka Koskinen. I thought Finland was meant to be bleak?

Joel Juuso polejam to backside tailslide from Troposphere Expansion video, photo by Ville Kähkönen - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Joel Juuso polejam to backside tailslide from Troposphere's Expansion video, photo by Ville Kähkönen.

Harry Lintell's been putting in the work Stateside, treating us to a hectic new part for Real.

Enjoy plenty of extremely eye-pleasing skating from Cooper Latimer to smooth out those bank holiday brain wrinkles.

More Kiwi savagery this week in the new Auckland-based edit from Shamus Peters and homies.

Wild style and even wilder trick selection, Tim Zom keeps everyone guessing in his part from 'Killah Tapes - Volume 2'.

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