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Hailing from the depths of New Jersey, Metal Skateboards is being led by crust connoisseur and all-round East Coast legend, Fred Gall, so it's no wonder everyone's so hyped on it. The Metal team features Uncle Freddy alongside the recently resurfaced transition magician, Ben Raybourn, and the homies, Richie Blackshaw and Donnie Binaco. Metal Skateboards as we know it today first began in 1995 when Fred Gall and Lou Metal came up with the idea to film a video called 'Metal' while they were sat around drinking mushroom tea and listening to Black Sabbath. After spraying 'Metal' on their griptape, the idea soon gained popularity and even appeared in the graphic of one of Fred Gall's Alien Workshop decks. After making a load of tees over the years, Metal is now a fully-fledged board brand who make a range of skateboard decks, T-shirts, hoods and more; including their bangin' BA guest pro model. With graphics that draw on typical spooky, metal-based imagery as well as references to cult classic films, Metal is easily one of our favourite new skate brands in the game.

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