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The Last Resort VM003 skate shoes is the newest model from Pontus Alv's skater-owned shoe company, Last Resort.

The VM003 carries on Last Resort's tradition of simple-but-effective skate shoes with a sleek and tasteful design that's paired with the highest quality materials and put through rigorous testing before it makes its way onto your feet. The shoe features a more rounded shape than some of Last Resort's other models, as well as having a shorter toe box and longer laces to ensure a tight fit throughout.

As with all of Last Resort's current offerings, the VM003 features a vulcanised sole for maximum boardfeel, making these shoes the perfect choice for low-impact street skaters. What's more, with the recent addition of a suede model to the range, the VM003 packs some surprising durability due to the use of premium suede and rubber in their construction.

With a range of tasteful colourways to choose from, the VM003 is another top-tier offering from Last Resort.

  • Low top silhouette
  • Both Canvas and Suede options available
  • Vulcanised sole
  • Skater-owned and good for the soul
  • Optimised for curb skating

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