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Born from the mind of legendary Frenchman, short-shorts pioneer, and general connoisseur of all things steezy, Lucas Puig, Helas embodies everything good about France, without all the cheese. The name, which roughly translates to 'alas' or 'unfortunately', was coined on a trip to the UK where the team's chances of skating were dashed by the iconic British rain (sounds familiar).

Despite starting as a humble hat company, Helas has since expanded to produce a range of soft and hard goods, and it now boasts one of the hardest-hitting teams in skateboarding; with legends including Max Geronzi, Pedro Attenborough, Flo Mirtain, Chewy Cannon and countless others backing up the great helmsman, Lucas Puig. See for yourself the damage that these Euro Gunslingers can inflict on some well-know spots in the Polo Club Mixtape

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