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Top 5 with Phil Morgan

Our man with the pen(cil); Phil Morgan take us (and you) through 5 of his favourites. In between producing artwork for the likes of Toy Machine, Friend Ship, Vans, Urban Outfitters, Outpost Coffee and many more, Phil found some time to reminisce about video parts of yesteryear.

Phil is the artist mastermind behind many things CSC; the F*ck / Support tees, our Astroid Boys collab, our Outpost collab. Phil's also that man who put us in touch with Travis Millard & Michael C. Hsiung. Basically, Phil's a legend. To see more of Phil's artwork, or just to see what he's up to catch his Insta @PMIllustration, or you'll probably find in Tap House on a match day.

Click here to buy some of his stuff and show some support to the starving artist.


The movie Thrashin'. It's not technically a part but, this movie made me want to go out and skate as a young eight year old kid. Young Tony Hawk and young Josh Brolin star in this cheesy eighties gem. Skate jousting, burning skate ramps and I think there's even a boob scene in there somewhere. Everyone talks about Gleaming The Cube, but this was the original.

Danny Way - Questionable

Sick street skater let alone a complete lunatic on a half pipe. Pennywise soundtrack to boot. I think this was about forty pounds on VHS when this first came out.

Heath Kirchart - Mind Field

White trousers and Morrissey on the soundtrack. You don't get an end part on a video for nothing. Incredible skating by one of the greats.

Leo Romero - Brainwash

One of my favourite skaters. Amazing style. Hand rail hammers throughout.

Dennis Busenitz - Since Day One

This is probably the most insane skate part on a video I've ever seen. The guy is riding faster than anyone I've seen on a board, landing amazing trick after trick. This section literally make me want to throw my board in the bin. Modern Lovers soundtrack. Gold.

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