CSC x Outpost Collab


The limited edition CSC x Outpost collaboration for Record Store Day, featuring t'shirts and a tote bag designed by Phil Morgan are available to buy online now.

Ever since we opened the CSC store in the Castle Emporium back in December, we've been hitting up our mates in Outpost for the best coffee in town. Seriously, it's that good. Matt and Soph's attention to detail to make sure every cup is pinnacle in taste is pretty outstanding.

In 2017 where diversifying your business is a must; Outpost combine their love of coffee with their love of music. Having a considered collection of vinyl on sale means that ever time we buy a coffee, we end up buying a record or two as well.

Seeing as Outpost were selected as one of three stores in Cardiff to host an official Record Store Day event, we thought it would be the perfect time to launch a collab between ourselves. Something that we've both wanted to do for a while now.

The capsule contains two t'shirts, one in Flat White and another in Latte colourways. The collab also includes a tote bag to carry your vinyl, or your tinnies. We'll let you decide which road you're gonna go down with that one. The tees retail for £20, totes for £7.

The artwork for the collab has been done by another coffee lover and CSC go-to-guy for all art related stuff, Phil Morgan.

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