Top 5 Special - Best of 2023

by Dan Bunn

Join us as we take a look back at some of the best skate videos from 2023 through a distinctively Welsh lens. Cymru am byth.

Tom Jones having a pint with a dragon, artwork by Lee Beef Bennett - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Shop Yes, it's a bit late and yes, Hemmy's already beaten us to it again but we're finally coming through with our Best of 2023 list because we don't wanna feel left out. We've done a couple of these now but this one's a bit of an NBD for a very special reason: every video on this list features one of our beloved CSC Shop Dragons or a Welsh legend of some sort! It's been a pretty big year for us and it's clearly been just as big a year for all our mates with no shortage of bangin' video parts from the lads. The bar's been set pretty high for 2024!

Carve Wicked's Old Skool Nokia

This one was an easy pick with the lineup featuring more Welsh legends than you could shake a leek at, including our CSC SOTY 2023 winner, Jake Collins, Lloyd Houston, Sam Pulley, Bummo, Dan Hill, Tom Bailey and Harry Deane behind the lens, as well as honorary Welsh legends Paul Jenkins and Dean Greensmith. From the DIY Tuff Pintz soundtrack to PJ's Oscar-worthy acting, 'Old Skool Nokia' has everything you could possibly want from a skate video and more.

Conor Charleson's 'Slight Inclination'

Another standout video from 2023, London-based CSC ex-pat Conor Charleson has been busy doing what he does best and slamming himself into all manner of steeply-inclined urban terrain - even throwing in a couple of powerful flip tricks this time around in his 'Slight Inclination' part filmed by Dan Magee. As if the sight of Conor soaring up walls like a plaid-clad gecko isn't mentally stimulating enough, Conor and Magee even included some hidden Easter eggs for the avid skate nerds to enjoy, including nods to Bobby Puleo and Blueprint's 'Make Friends With The Colour Blue' as well as an architectural conspiracy theory.

Billy Trick in 'picking up a bug'

Keeping with the London theme, 2023 also treated us to some textbook Billy Trick footy in Sirus Gahan's 'picking up a bug'. Complete with rooftop puddle-diving, high-speed curb bashing and general weirdness, this video has everything you want to see from Billy and more - including his juicy butt cheeks. It's always a treat seeing what Billy's got up his sleeve and that coupled with Sirus' masterful filming and editing and some choice Jamie Platt clips made this video an instant classic.

Don Irfan in 'Prizefight'

As well as featuring alongside Conor in Grey's Malaysia tour video, 'Hot as Hell', Don recently smashed it out the park with his part in the National Skateboard Co's 'Prizefight' video, coming through with some absolutely bonkers Cardiff clips including a hectic IKEA banks NBD. The part's kinda bittersweet seeing as Don has now headed back home to Malaysia but at least we've got this as his swan song to remember him by. We miss ya mate!

Chris Jones in '7 Ball'

Last but not least, we've got honourary CSC Shop Dragon, Chris Jones, with his belter of a part in Will Miles' '7 Ball' in which he firmly reminds everyone why we call him the 'bank manager'. CJ absolutely dominates a wide variety of banks around the globe, with some tasteful manual clips thrown in for good measure as well as the footage of his epic switch flip over the wall at Stockwell from his Grey cover. Plus, the fact that he shares the part with Korahn Gayle is a clear nod to Christian's 'NOW: That's What I Call Skateboarding' which we've obviously got a lot of time for.

Honourable Mentions

The Papa Mio's Video

Throwing it all the way back to the start of 2023, we can't not mention 'The Papa Mio's Video' with 40 solid minutes of South Walian goodness from the likes of Welsh Tommy, Jack Branch, Conor Ratcliffe and Angus Pattison, all lovingly captured by chief VX-mun, Pedro Mayn.


Curb-based shenanigans from Newport's finest. What's not to love?

Jack Steele in 'Kiitos'

A European noseslide masterclass from Pembrokeshire's freshest.

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