Video Daze - Carve Wicked's Old Skool Nokia

Dan Bunn

After two liver-abusing premieres, two magazine covers and even a new pro board for Jake Collins, Carve Wicked's latest video is now online for the world to enjoy. Carve on brothers.

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Barbie? Oppenheimer? Who gives a fuck about that, there's a new blockbuster in town and while it may not feature Cillian Murphy's chiselled jaw or Margot Robbie's feet, it does feature an absolutely bangin' DIY soundtrack courtesy of Tuff Pintz, masterful filming from Harry Deane, and a big, healthy serving of stunts and silliness from South Wales' fiercest dragons. Despite all the silliness, 'Old Skool Nokia' also comes with a positive message with some wholesome tributes to Ben Devine. RIP.

To promote the video, the fellas have gone full Rupert Murdoch and taken over the whole of the British skate media for the month with both Pulley and Jake landing the covers of Vague and The Skateboarder's Companion, respectively, as well as Vague running an article about their Mallorca trip which offers a behind-the-scenes look at what the Gaffa had to put up with.

Of course you've also probably seen by now that Jake Collins is officially PRO AF for Carve Wicked after being surprised with his Companion cover and his new pro boards on Monday - and don't worry the boards will be available soon alongside some other premium, pig-themed goodies. For now, keep your eyes peeled for any updates on when they'll be released and remember to always poo in 'Donalds.

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