Video Daze - Conor Charleson's Slight Inclination

Dan Bunn

CSC Shop Dragon and all-round top bloke, Conor Charleson, is back with another mind-blowing part showcasing his mastery of the vertical domain with some of the most bonkers wall-based stunts you're ever likely to see. Good shit mate!

CSC's resident wallride enthusiast and London's most hyped individual, Conor Charleson, is back with another belter of a part and, as usual, it's big on wow factor and little on flip tricks. Teaming up once again with one of the UK's most legendary filmers, Dan Magee, Conor has taken his "throw some shit at a wall and see what sticks" approach (often taking this approach quite literally) to a variety of walls, banks and other slightly inclined terrain across the globe for his most powerful part to date. You love to see it.

Seeing as Free have already neatly surmised Conor's characteristic keenness, we're gonna keep the waffle to a minimum on this one. However we're still gonna take this opportunity to blow his horn just a little bit more. It always gets us hyped seeing our mates get out there and do cool shit, especially when it's someone as genuinely stoked as Conor, and seeing him make his mark in such a unique way is even better. He's come a long way from doing double flips over Barry road gaps.

We're also grateful for all the CSC product placement shots in the video (we'll sling you some stickers next time you're in the shop mate!) and if you too want to get the Conor Charleson Look™️ then keep your eyes peeled as we'll be restocking on the 'Look Up' beanie soon (wallride prowess sadly not included), but don't worry there's plenty more bangin' CSC Clothing to satisfy you in the meantime!

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of CSC clothing and accessories. Or, watch more of the best skate videos on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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