The Week Today, Now - 28/03/2022

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including the new Baglady video, Ishod straight chillin', and an arty banger out of Dublin.

Daryl Dominguez 50-50 from the Baglady video, photo by Rafal Wojnowski - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Daryl Dominguez with a hectic 50-50 from the Baglady video, photo by Rafal Wojnowski.

The new Baglady video, 'Pack Light' is now up online, filmed by the good homie Nick Richards and featuring Davide Holzknecht, Daryl Dominguez, Tom Delion, and more. A stellar first offering from one of our favourite new companies, definitely worth checking out.

Ishod Wair dropped a new part just to remind everyone that he's the GOAT. Is it possible to make things look too easy?

Niall 'Kurb Junki' Cullen has just released an incredible new Dublin-based full-length which sits somewhere between a skate video and a documentary. The vid offers an honest insight into the Dublin scene with mini-interviews with some of the skaters as well as plenty of interactions with the local wildlife, all of which accompanied by bangin' filming and editing. Highly enjoyable watch.

Chocolate have teamed up with Herschel supply for a new line of collab backpacks, resulting in a very enjoyable East Coast tour vid featuring Jordan Trahan, Carl Aikens, Raven Tershy and the rest of the crew. Jordan Trahan footage is always a blessing.

Etnies have welcomed Aurelien Giraud - AKA France’s answer to Nyjah - to their untouchable lineup of people you don’t care about (except Barney Page, we love Barney) with two minutes of… skatepark footage? Give it a watch if you fancy getting second-hand pink eye from all the stank leg tres. This geeza is without a doubt one of the least tasteful things to ever come out of France. Sacré bleu.

Ryan Lay explores the Dominican Republic in search of uncharted territory and manages to unearth some bangin’ looking spots. Looks like the whole country was directed by Wes Anderson mind.

Rob Maatman comes through with the soothing eye medicine to smooth out those brain wrinkles in the short but sweet new clip from Pop Trading Co. The man’s extremely nice on the plank.

Australian indie vid? You bastard, I’m in. The new video from Redd Sarson is an absolute banger that’s guaranteed to get you hyped to skate. Plus Rowan Davis has some footy which is more than enough to make it worth a watch. There’s also an interview with Redd up on Jenkem if you want to find out more.

Rob Pace 50-50 Grind in Hell Cherub, photo by Brendan Frost - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Rob Pace with a 50-50 cameo in 'Hell Cherub', photo by Brendan Frost.

JP Blair captures a bunch of your favourite New York heads on their Spanish travels, featuring Adrian Vega, Buggy and more getting smooth with it with the backing of Grand Collective. Warning: may make you want to neck a carton of sangria in the sun.

Felix Soto’s put together a bangin’ 30 minute video dedicated to Angel Cisneros. Featuring a load of LA locals and a guest appearance from the Chocolate team alongside old footage of Angel. RIP.

Emerica have re-released Spanky’s signature shoe, the KSL G6, and treated us to even more new Spanky footage in the process.

Good times in Aus courtesy of the Dear Diary crew, featuring Adelaide Norris, Liv Lovelace, and many more.

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