The Week Today, Now - 26/02/2024

By Dan Bunn


Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including HUF in Japan, Palace x Thrasher and a bonkers Wallenberg NBD.

Dylan Jaeb Fakie Flip Wallenberg, photo by Bailey Schreiner

Big shoutout to Keen, and everyone else involved, for inviting us down to their Industry Invitational at Pitt Street last week. It was a real treat getting to skate the park and see so many legends killin' it!

If you missed our Skate Shop Day premiere, Primitive's 'Daydream' is now online for you to enjoy, packed with half an hour of am savagery from Felipe Mota, Kyonosuke Yamashita and Dylan Jaeb (who comes through with an absolutely bonkers Wallenberg ender). These boys are simply built different.

'I THINK ONE MORE MAYBE' is the latest Parisian banger from Ben Chadourne and as usual it features everyone you could ever hope to see in a video, including Nik Stain, Hjalte Halberg, Mike Anderson, Louie Lopez, Cyrus Bennett and many, many more.

Conor Charleson Backside Tailslide, photo by Henry Kingsford

Alongside Brian Powderly's incredible, newly released 'Static VI' part, you can fully nerd out over the whole 'Static' series from a filmer's perspective as Josh Stewart, Dan Magee and Al Hodgson sit down to chat all things skate videos.

Filmed over the course of three years, 'Just Drifting' is an incredible new Midlands-based full-length from Chris Emery, featuring James Woodley, Henry Fox and Ben Broyd as they make the most of the Black Country and beyond.

HUF have brought the OG Crailtap vibes in their new Japan Tour video, 'Meltdown', coming through with bizarre skits and skatepark demos before Cyrus Bennett, Nick Matthews, Mason Silva, Dick Rizzo and the rest of the gang hit the streets.

Nick Matthews Kickflip Back Lip, photo by Tyler Cichy

Impeccable style, next-level spot selection and drive-thru interceptions; we're always hyped to see new Rowan Davis footy and his new 'Bin Kicker' part has everything you could possibly want and more.

Witness Ville Wester and Heitor Da Silva working their magic at a variety of Scandinavian indoor parks for the new Palace x Thrasher collab, featuring all the camo tees and flame logos you could ever wish for.

He won't be appearing on @whatpantsarethose any time soon but Ryan Decenzo clearly puts function before fashion as he launches himself down a variety of hectic handrails, hubbas and gaps in his new 'Til The Legs Fall Off' part for Footprint.

Ryan Decenzo Frontside Noseblunt, photo by Cody Moyles
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