The Week Today, Now - 19/12/2022

by Dan Bunn

The last Links of 2022! Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including a new Limosine video, The Grove Documentary and Andrew Reynolds on New Balance.

Hugo Boserup Polejam One Foot, photo by Kris Burkhardt - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Hugo Boserup polejam one foot, photo by Kris Burkhardt.

Jack Branch is officially CSC's Skater of the Year 2022! Keep your eyes peeled for the full rundown coming this week. This is also gonna be the last instalment of 'The Week Today, Now' for 2022 so we wanted to say a massive thank you to all our beloved readers, it means a lot! ❤️

Limosine are back with a new video to coincide with their latest drop and it's an absolute belter. Hot off the back of her recent Gay SOTY 2022 win, Nelly Morville kicks things off with an incredible first part before she's backed up by the rest of the gang and their impeccable new addition, Noah Mahieu. The CSC Blog is now officially a dedicated Limosine fan account.

Been a minute since we've seen anything from Neema Joorabchi but his new video, 'limp', more than makes up for lost time thanks to some very enjoyable parts from Tyler Vrckovnik, Noah Singleton and Jasper Stieve.

More Florida-based goodness courtesy of Miami's Andrew skate shop who've just dropped a bangin' new video featuring some of the Bronze crew, like Elijah Odom, Rezza Honarvar and Grady Smith, alongside all the local legends. Between this and 'limp', it seems like FaceTime clips are the new trend going into 2023.

Catch Rob Maatman and the boys doing their thing in the latest banger from Jan Maarten Sneep to find out why - in addition to their love of clogs, questionable Christmas traditions and eating chips with mayonnaise - the Dutch are quickly forming a reputation as some of the most creative skaters in the game.

Rob Maatman from the new Dutch Carharttt WIP video.

Get an insight into the making of The Grove DIY in the new documentary from master lensman, Nick Vieweg, with interviews from the legends behind the now legendary spot. Long live The Grove!

It's always fun to roast Primitive and their tradition of absolutely shameless collabs but even I've got to admit that Tiago Lemos and 2Pac is a match made in heaven. You win this time Paul.

Witness some of Canada's biggest legends at work in the new video from Jake Kuzyk, featuring Dylan Fulford, Dustin Henry, Etienne Gagne, Leon Chapdelaine and many more.

As their quest for world domination continues, New Balance have recruited all-time legend Andrew Reynolds to their already stacked roster and seeing as The Boss is a self-proclaimed shoe nerd it seems like he's gonna fit right in - and if shoe nerdery is your thing then be sure to check out his Village Psychic interview too.

Andrew Reynolds kickflip for New Balance - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Andrew Reynolds floating a kickflip in his New Balance welcome clip.

Chris Mulhern's back with another star-studded cast for 'Untitled [006]' featuring Jamal Smith, Shin Sanbongi, Ishod Wair, Mark Suciu and more putting it down in Philly, New York and beyond.

If you weren't already aware that Eetu Toropainen is well on his way to being your next favourite skater then his new Thunder Trucks part should get you up to speed.

Drake Johnson uses his explosive pop to take the road less travlled in his new 'SEE YOU LATER' part, even if his ender is more than likely to cause yet another braindead 'does it count?!' debate on SLAP.

Good shit coming out of Sheffield's Devonshire Green as per usual with Shaun Currie and the local lads putting it down in Henry Cavanagh's 'Slap 'em Dead'.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to buy the latest skateboard decks, clothing, shoes and more from CSC. Or, check out more of the latest news, videos, and product reviews on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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