The Week Today, Now - 18/03/2024

By Dan Bunn


Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Anti Hero's UK Tour, TJ Rogers on SK8MAFIA and a new Tiltmode video in 2024 (?!).

Gelek Gonzalez gap to back lip Barcelona coastal defences, photo by Gerard Riera.
Gelek Gonzalez with a definite NBD, shot by Gerard Riera.

Witness 20 minutes of pure chaos as the Anti Hero lads make light work of a load of iconic British spots from Edinburgh to Bristol on their 'Turbo Island' tour, featuring all your faves including Grant Taylor, Frank Gerwer, Raney Beres, Nick Matthews and the rest of the squad.

The Evisen team provide the visual and mental stimulation with a load of rare Japanese daytime footage in their new 'Overland' edit, demonstrating exceptional technique from Laurence Keefe, Seimi Miyahara, Kento Yoshioka and the rest.

Didn't expect to see a new Tiltmode edit in 2024 but the lads have clearly still got it (despite losing some of their pop) as they bring their signature sense of humour and no shortage of hammers in this new, low-impact banger which even features a heartwarming, surprise Ben Raemers part.

Grant Taylor ollie into the Wolverhampton Civic Center bank, photo by Joe Brook
GT taking the plunge at the WCC, shot by Joe Brook.

Chilean Barcleona local, Gelek Gonzalez, takes the road less travelled in his new part for Austyn Gillette's FORMER alongside a bangin' interview with his boss on Free which features some definite Barcelona NBDs.

In what can only be described as a serious power move, TJ Rogers has landed himself a spot on the SK8MAFIA team after the whole Dwindle fiasco, announcing his arrival with an ultra-G new part. This just feels right.

Another history lesson from Uncle Ted, the latest episode of 'This Old Ledge' takes a look at the iconic New York Courthouse banks, from the spots architectural history to the skaters that have made their mark on it.

Join the Vans squad as they make their way around the States on their 'Make Impact' tour, with appearances from Zion Wright, Nelly Morville, Elijah Berle and countless others. Bonus points for the High Vis track.

Zion Wright Frontside Bluntslide, photo by Anthony Acosta
Zion front blunting on the Vans Tour, shot by Anthony Acosta.

Multi-talented Theories lej, Nick Rainey, has put together a bangin' new edit for his brand, JORP, showcasing him and his homies cruising around Detroit.

Serious vintage Polar vibes in Arthur Myhill's new edit, 'wormhole', featuring Bear Myles, Jay Lentern, Mike Arnold and more of your favourite Bristol heads.

Austyn Gillette's arch nemesis, Elijah Berle, has come through with a new 4 minute banger for FA, handling a variety of chest-high handrails and hectic ditches with ease.

Eniz Fazliov leads the charge alongside his fellow Finns in the new Helsinki-based banger from the My Favourite Things crew, 'FAV'.

Elijah Berle noseslide, photo by Michael Burnett
Elijah Berle with a hubba/handrail hybrid noseslide, shot by Burnett.
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