The Week Today, Now - 18/4/2022

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Nine Club controversy, Strobeck's latest venture, and There Ruining Skateboarding.

Nathaniel Jones Illustration for Quartersnacks Name Dropping article - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Illustration by Nathaniel Jones for Quartersnacks' 'Name Dropping' article.

One for the nerds: Quartersnacks have dropped a really interesting piece about the changing practice of including skaters’ names in videos, with Mike Munzenrider interviewing four legendary filmers: Dime’s Phil Lavoie, Nike SB’s Aaron Meza, WKND’s Grant Yansura, and Supreme/Violet’s William Strobeck. The good homie Nat did all the illustrations too for that sweet, sweet local angle.

The Nine Club put their foot in their mouth last week as they let increasingly irrelevant photographer/rape apologist, Mark Oblow, spread pointlessly horrible lies about Mark ‘Gator’ Rogowksi’s horrific murder of Jessica Bergsten in 1991. It’s since been removed from the episode but you can watch the clip here, but obviously be warned that it could be very triggering. Definitely worth checking out Anthony Pappalardo’s piece (not that Anthony Pappalardo) for more info on the whole situation and some excellent commentary.

Some of the biggest legends from around the UK came together on Saturday to celebrate the biggest legend of them all: Dykie and his new book. Big up everyone who came down and helped make it such a class night, and keep your eyes peeled for the rundown if you blew it and couldn't make it.

Strobeck has just dropped the first promo for his new board company, Violet, which is basically just 'Michael Nicholas' Untitled: The Brand'. The team features Auguste Bouznad, Troy Gipson, Patrick O'Mara, Efron Danzig, Seven Strong, Kyle Teh, and Kris Brown, who all come through with a load of bangin' clips (Troy Gipson is a personal fave). Plus, the video's surprisingly easy to watch for something with Fat Bill's name attached to it, even if it does have some weird purple filter over it.

Seven Strong frontside smith grind from the Violet Promo, photo by Razy Faouri - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Seven Strong front smithing in the Violet Promo, photo by Razy Faouri.

Already not shy of legends, Dickies have added Mike Anderson, Christian Henry, and Frankie Spears to their stacked roster with a new video to celebrate. Manderson footage is always a treat.

Long-awaited new footy from the GX1000 crew in the form of a 12-minute banger filmed exclusively at San Francisco's Union Square ('elluva spot mind). As always the lineup for this one is full to the brim with legends including Jack Curtin, Sean Greene, Andrew Reynolds, and Chris Athans.

There Skateboards have dropped their first full-length, 'Ruining Skateboarding', with an insane lineup of queer skaters. According to Leo Bañuelos - who starred in and edited the video - it's the 'gayest skate video' ever, which is a pretty sick accolade. You can also check out the interview with Leo over on Jenkem if you want to find out more about what these legends are all about.

Check out the bangin' new shop video from Finland's My Favourite Things, featuring some delightful new Eniz Fazliov and Simo Mäkelä footy alongside the rest of the crew.

Enjoy plenty of exemplary tech in the second instalment of éS’ 'Terminal' series featuring Marcus Shaw, Enrique Lorenzo, Olli Weismantel, and more. Warning: Marcus Shaw's segment will have you experiencing serious carpark envy.

Marcus Shaw frontside wallride over snow, photo by Marius Svendsen - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Marcus Shaw overcoming the harsh Scandinavian elements with an icy front wallride, shot by Marius Svendsen.

Plenty of hammers from some of America's finest in the new Gas Giants edit, including Jamie Foy, Ishod Wair, and John Dilo.

Charlie Robinson has put together a short-but-sweet clip of the Yardsale boys in Athens with loads of excellent balancing from Bear Myles and Alex Hatfield.

Heavy mosher representation in the new Melbourne-based 'Brick and Mortar' video.

Weebs rejoice. Koiai Studios have delivered an extremely stylish 9-minute offering from the Land of the Rising Sun. Japan just does it better. 

Check out a very arty new iPhone edit out of Rotterdam featuring two brothers, Reyndert and Marthyn, because everyone knows phone clips are the only clips that matter.

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