Top 5 Ginger Skaters

Dan Bunn

Gingers generally don't get a lot of love (unless you're a member of the more fashionable 'redhead' subspecies) so we thought we'd pay our respects to some of our favourite carrot-topped skaters to try make up for years of systematic bullying and oppression.

P.S. Shoutout to our very own ginger skater, Lettuce, for giving me the idea when I was lamenting my lack of inspiration for today's Top 5 after foolishly staying up past my bedtime. You a real one.

Wieger Van Wageningen

Wieger's easily got some of the most unique trick selection in the game, probably thanks to his ability to heeflip into every conceivable grind or slide. He even get away with doing tricks that would probably be Berrics-tier stink if they were done by anyone else (case in point: inward heel front 5-0). Pretty much every trick that's generally considered to be unreasonably difficult, Wieger seems to have on lock. I mean if a part starts with a fakie inward heel switch back tail then you know you're in for a treat.

Jeremy Jones

If anyone deserves to be called a 'ginger ninja', it's Jeremy Jones. He flies round spots like he's fresh out the dojo with his lightning-fast footwork and karate-esque shapes. Jeremy has an uncanny ability to go to the most blown-out spot and still manage to find a new trick or line that nobody else would even dream of, and it makes his already extremely easy on the eye style even more enjoyable because you have absolutely no idea what he's gonna pull out next. To borrow the words of Forrest Gump: 'A Jeremy Jones part is like a box of chocolates'.

Aidan Mackey

America's answer to Jake Knight (back in his mosher days). Aidan's always been a fave thanks to his quirky trick and spot selection (homie loves dirt), terminal velocity manuals, and flagrant disregard for his own personal safety. He's matured like a fine wine too, even if he did go a bit overboard with the patches in his 'Dancing On Thin Ice' part. My dawg, I know you listen to crust punk but it looks like you work in TGI Fridays.

Charlie Munro

Effortlessly blending stylish tech with raw power, Charlie's easily one of the UK's finest right now. He handles business whether he's skating fresh marble or powering through ancient British crust, and everything he does he does proper. Plus he's one of the only Brits on the Primitive team, which says it all really, even if it does break my heart seeing him skating those heinous Dragon Ball Z decks.

Giovanni Vianna

Much like Wieger, Giovanni Vianna knows how to turn heads with his trick selection. It must be pretty hard trying to stand out when you're on the Primitive team - especially alongside legends like Tiago Lemos, Wade DesArmo, and Miles Silvas. But despite the seemingly insurmountable odds, Giovanni's 'Encore' part was easily one of the most exciting from the video. He's got an insane bag of fakie rail hammers that are guaranteed to have you smashing the rewind button and arguing with your mates over nomenclature (you know a trick must be pretty hectic if you don't even know where to start when it comes to naming it). There's also just something wonderfully bizarre about a pale-ass, ginger Brazilian.

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