The Week Today, Now - 15/04/2024

By Dan Bunn


Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Spit and Sawdust's 10th Birthday, the new Rat Ratz video and Deedz for ACE.

Beef Bennett artwork for Spit and Sawdust
Happy Birthday Spit! Artwork by Beef.

The best skatepark in the world (Spit and Sawdust, obviously) has just turned 10 years old! It's pretty crazy to think Spit has been around for a whole decade now; a whole lot has changed in that time and there's even more exciting stuff on the horizon. Huge shoutout as always to Christian and the team for looking after us for all these years and remember to support your local!

Coming in hot with a fresh dose of Milano Centrale bangers alongside some rare footage outside of Italy, Milan's Rat Ratz crew are back with a new video showcasing their immaculate technique and recent growth spurts with the young legends continuing to grow into their man-sized tricks.

Enigmatic New York skate brand, Stingwater Groes, have come through with a belter of a video filmed all over the States with an incredible selection of legends, including Johnathan Perez, Chris Athans, Alexis Lacroix, Daniel kKim and countless others.

Vince Palmer backside kickflip, photo by Joel Powley
Chicken Little, Backside Flip Big. Shot by Joel Powley.

More good shit courtesy of King Skateboards this week, Zach Saraceno delivers hammer after hammer on his global rampage while teammates Nakel Smith and TJ himself come through with the guest bangers.

Hot off the back of his recent circle video, Chase Walker has treated us to some top-quality throwaway clips from all your favourite Late Nite Stars heads. You're definitely doing something right if even your throwaway clips are this good.

Moscow's OKTYABR skate shop make the most of Istanbul's immaculate spots in their new video ‘BOSSFORUS’ video, featuring RASSVET’s Tolya Titaev, Igor Smirnov, Dilip Kharel and more with Pasha Kryukov behind the lens.

Zach Saraceno Switch Backside Heelflip, photo by Atiba.
Zach Saraceno demonstrating proper switch back heel form, shot by Atiba.

Wobbly trucks, saggy trou and one-of-a-kind trick selection, Deedz works his magic in his new part for ACE Trucks making light work of a load of obscure Euro spots.

Liverpool’s Camel Skateboards have come through with a short but sweet clip of Charlie Birch and Jordan Leadbetter laying down hammers in London.

Hugo Corbin brings those distinctive French flavours in his new part for Vague, weaving his way around a load of tasteful low-impact spots with impeccable footwork and flawless style.

Another Italian banger, Mauro Caruso has come through with an exceptionally tasteful part to celebrate his recovery from injury as he weaves his way around a load of cutty Sicilian spots.

Didrik Galasso 5050 grind, photo by Pedro Raimundo
Deedz riding the coaster, shot by Pedro Raimundo.
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