The Week Today, Now - 11/4/2022

by Dan Bunn

Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including Suciu's SOTY trip, more Ishod footy, and Dumb Data vs. Gifted Hater.

Lucas Marques frontside boardslide - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Lucas Marques stylin' on you with this very colour-coordinated front board.

Mark Suciu rounded up a bunch of fellow big brain skaters for his SOTY trip to Sardinia in what could be the nerdiest Thrasher trip of all time. Featuring some of the most intellectual skaters of all time - including Tom Knox, Joey O’Brien, Paul Shier, and Silas Baxter-Neal - this edit is guaranteed to make you more smarterer. But let’s be real, these guys would definitely get bullied by Grant Taylor’s SOTY squad.

Serious Brazilian steeze (assisted greatly by some impeccable trou) in the new Lucas Marques part. That suski back 180 has been doing the rounds on Insta all week but I’m still not even close to being sick of watching it. Absolute perfection. Also, if you were wondering what trou he’s wearing in the suski clip, apparently they were made by his Grandma’s friend so you’re shit out of luck.

Leo Heinert’s banger-filled ‘Prodemic’ part is guaranteed to get you hyped to go skate with his high-energy style, unconventional trick selection, and penchant for backflips. The man skates like he’s just mainlined an entire tube of blue Smarties. Arizona Iced Tea griptape and a COVID mask definitely ain’t the one though.

The wildly different but equally talented duo of ATV crusher, Bjarne Tjøtta, and Poetic Collective’s street technician, Gabriel Bjørsvik, have teamed up for a bangin’ shared part. It’s filmed by Pekka too so you should definitely watch it.

Gabriel Bjorsvik kickflip 5050, photo by Sebastian Bjerkvik - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Gabriel Bjorsvik kickflips up and over to 5050, photo by Sebastian Bjerkvik.

If Ishod’s new part didn’t quite scratch the itch, Real have just put out a full 11-minute edit of raw footage from his five day trip to San Francisco for you to sink your teeth into.

Hot off the back of the Berle vs. Gillette beef, two of skate YouTube's finest are at each other's throats. YouTube commentator, Gifted Hater, and bizarre data analyst, Dumb Data, have seemingly had a falling out after Dumb Data lightly roasted Gifted Hater in a recent video, causing Gater to call him 'lame' in one of his streams and Dumb Data firing back at the start of his new video. Grab the popcorn.

Indulge yourself with flagrant hooliganism in the new full-length from Tristan Warren, featuring not one but two entire sections dedicated to hijinx. The video's packed with hammers from famous faces like Kader Sylla, Krazy Frankie, and Sunny Suljic as well as lesser-known homies like O'Connor Nelson. Some of the slams in that first part are straight up barbaric.

Strong homie vibes in the new full-length from the Florida-based Duplex crew. Plenty of hammers in this one, and keep your eyes peeled for a cameo from one of Florida’s finest exports, Brad Cromer.

Jace Detomasso Melon Grab, photo by Scott Brothers - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store
Photo: Jace Detomasso hucking a sizeable melon, photo by Scott Brothers.

Treat your eyeholes to a minute of straight hammers from Justin Henry. We don’t deserve Quasi.

Take a virtual trip to Barcelona with the new edit from Ju Jul, featuring some lovely Keanu Robson footy.

Rassvet have just released their new video, 'I Missed You', featuring bangers from Val Bauer, Cambryan Sedlick, Joseph Biais, and more. Doesn't seem like the best time to be launching a Russian board brand mind.

Daniel Lebron demonstrates proper form in his new part for Titus Skateboards. That balanced 5-0 varial heel was serious money.

Get an in-depth behind-the-scenes look into Shake Junt's latest masterpiece, 'Shrimp Blunt', with a two-hour recap from Shane Heyl and Beagle.

Enjoy a two-minute tech-gnar onslaught from Riley Hawk in his new part, ‘Nepotism’.

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