Top 5 Parts To Kate Bush

Dan Bunn

While Hip-Hop and Punk Rock have long dominated the skate video meta, it's always a treat when an unexpected star is able to shine through.

Kate Bush is one such anomaly who's gained massive popularity in recent years, becoming synonymous with a distinct style of skating despite being a seemingly unlikely choice for skate videos. But, if you don't believe me, here's five reasons why you're wrong.

Nick Jensen - Eleventh Hour (2013)

Probably one of the first and most iconic examples of someone skating to Kate Bush, the pairing of Jensen and Bush just makes perfect sense. The otherworldly sound of Kate Bush provides some much needed light to the generally grey aesthetic of this part; much like Jensen's skating itself helps to create magic from the mundane at the drab British spots he skates. Without this part you probably wouldn't be reading me talking all this bollocks about Kate Bush so make of that what you will.

Danny Brady - Deeper Understanding (2019)

The Palace boys took a step further than just using a Kate Bush track as they even named the video after the song they used. It's safe to say that Kate's music lends itself particularly well to a certain type of skater and, much like Nick Jensen, Danny Brady is definitely one of those types. With his smooth style and tasteful trick selection, Brady's skating embodies the beauty and creativity of Kate Bush's music. It's definitely worth staying for the Charlie Birch and Heitor Da Silva footage at the end of the video too.

Josh Wilson - Mother (2018)

Josh Wilson has very quickly established a strong relationship between his skating and Kate Bush's music. He was even asked specifically about his love for Kate Bush in a brief interview with Farran Golding. Despite this, Josh arguably stands out from some of the other skaters in this list due to the raw power of his skating compared to the softer touches of Nick Jensen and Danny Brady. While Bush's ethereal sound parallels the almost delicate skating of Nick Jensen, her music instead creates a striking contrast with Josh's burly, powerful style and the guttural growls of the East Coast crust he favours. This is also a gentle reminder to watch Quasi's 'Mother' in full if you haven't already.

Josh Pall - Lotties Must Be Stopped (2019)

Josh's skating is an absolute pleasure to behold, and with his delightful trick selection he fits in perfectly with the other purveyors of tasteful skateboarding on this list. I've definitely got a soft spot for videos that use recordings of skaters playing an instrument in the soundtrack (like Hugo Boserup playing Adele in the 917 'Country Club' video or that first track in Michael Nicholas' 'Untitled'), but Josh Pall skating to a piano-only rendition of 'Wuthering Heights' is an absolutely god-tier combination. It's also a hilarious contrast to the Dystopia track that comes before it. *Chef's kiss*. P.S. The part starts at like 6:18.

Rat Ratz 6 (2021)

Although a video featuring the Supreme-endorsed contingent of fashionable, pubescent, Italian delinquents may not seem like a likely place to find a Kate Bush song (the Pop Smoke song at the end makes way more sense), the song choice definitely helped secure my attention for the duration of the video. It's definitely a relief seeing the youth putting out incredible videos like this rather than just making dreadful slow-mo Instagram edits or posting TikTok cringe. Maybe there is hope for the future. Probably not though.

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