The Week Today, Now - 07/05/2024

By Dan Bunn


Bringing you the latest and greatest skateboard news from the last week, including new full-lengths from Carpet and Note, Miles Silvas' SOTY Trip and Butter Goods in Melbourne.

Carpet Company BRAT artwork by Elijah Maura
Artwork by Elijah Maura for Carpet's 'BRAT' video.


Filmed over two years by Joe Gavin and Mike Booshek, 'Lunch Break' is an absolutely flawless new full-length courtesy of our Mancunian muckas from Note Skate Shop, featuring a wealth of legends both new and old - including Ben Grove, Joe Gavin, Dom Henry, Zane Crowther, Ben Peel and Mani Haddon - that's sure to get you hyped. Good shit lads!

Coming in hot with their first full-length video, Carpet Company's 'BRAT' is as stylish as you'd expect with hectic animations, funny skits, an impeccable soundtrack and no shortage of hammers from Rashad Murray, Quinn Batley and Mason Padilla as well as head honchos, Osama & Ayman Abdeldayem. If you aren't already a Carpet superfan then this should seal the deal.

Giving the people what they want with a belter of a video released alongside their newest collection, Limosine's '8' starts things the right way with an incredible Nelly Morville part before Max Palmer brings some of the most ludicrous displays of wizardry you've ever seen. Nobody does it better.

Neil Worthington Backside Flip, photo by Ian Williams
Neil Worthington backside flipping in 'Lunch Break', shot by Ian Williams.

The team might have changed but there's something wonderfully familiar about Alien Workshop's new video, 'Normalize', with its distinctive visuals and raw, powerful street skating from the likes of Joey O'Brien, Yaje Popson, Henrique Crobelatti and Sammy Montano.

Another week, another bangin' video from Copenhagen's Dancer crew and this time young gun Julius Rohrberg leads the charge with some absolutely bonkers trick selection while Anton Juul, Ville Wester and Hjalte Halberg provide the back-up.

Celebrating his recent SOTY win, Miles Silvas has gone for a victory lap around Mexico City bringing along all-time greats like Tiago, Ishod and P-Rod as well as his brother and local homies.

Paul Rodrigues Switch Back Tail, photo by Dan Zaslavsky
P-Rod getting it done in Mexico City, shot by Dan Zaslavsky.

Butter Goods bring the heat in their new video, 'Ginger Shot', as Dougie George, Adilson Pedro, Davide Holzknecht and the rest of the crew weave their way around Butter's hometown, Melbourne.

Notorious rail chomper, Axel Cruysberghs, takes his insane board control in a more low-impact direction in his new part, 'Paired', showcasing a load of exceptional bank tekkers alongside the usual rail hits.

Mind-blowing tech and clean-cut style, Ronnie Kessner comes through with skating that's as handsome as he is in his new part for New Balance Numeric.

Axel Cruysberghs wallie 180 switch 5-0 revert, photo by sleepystee
Axel getting it twisted. Photo by @sleepystee.
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