Product Spotlight - Vans Rowan 2 Skate Shoes

By Dan Bunn


Get an in-depth look at the new Vans Rowan 2, the latest pro shoe for your favourite skater's favourite skater: Rowan Zorilla.

After the success of his first signature shoe, the 'Rowan Pro', released back in 2020, Vans have come through with a follow-up to this modern classic: the new Vans 'Rowan 2'. Building on the legacy of the OG 'Rowan Pro', the 'Rowan 2' features an updated look, enhanced feel and a load of new technology to take things to a new level.

Despite being a somewhat elusive character compared to most modern pros - opting to save his best clips for video parts rather than constantly plastering footage all over Instagram - Rowan Zorilla is a certified legend of the game who's well deserving of a pro shoe. Given Rowan's free-flowing, ATV style, the Vans Rowan 2 is built to handle anything he can throw at it, from low-impact curb tech to hectic rail hits, and you can witness him putting the shoes to the test in 'Blurry' - which he even helped to film and edit himself.


In contrast to the original 'Rowan Pro' shoe, the Vans Rowan 2 features a more athletic look - with the shoe even having a baseball-themed launch party - taking inspiration from those vintage court shoe aesthetics that are super popular at the minute.

In keeping with the court shoe look, the Vans Rowan 2 skate shoe features a multi-panelled upper with a reinforced suede toe-panel for an extra layer of protection where it's needed most.

Vans Rowan 2 Skate Shoe (Chocolate Brown)

To further improve durability, the toe patch extends all the way back to the ollie area and even rises up towards the laces to help further prevent blow-outs in high-wear areas, even if you're not big on your kickflips.

As if all this wasn't enough to ensure long-lasting performance, the Vans Rowan 2 also features their signature Duracap underlay beneath the suede for a final layer of defence making these shoes absolutely bomb-proof.

Vans Rowan 2 Skate Shoe (Chocolate Brown) Ollie Patch Close-up

Given Rowan's propensity for getting buck, the Vans Rowan 2 has been built with impact protection in mind, featuring a solid cupsole construction to ensure long-lasting comfort and support. 

As part of this cupsole construction, the outsole of the Vans Rowan 2 features extra-thick sidewalls which help to further improve the shoe's stability and durability by holding the shoe in shape and reducing contact with the upper.

Vans Rowan 2 Skate Shoe (Chocolate Brown) Side Profile

Coming through with a one-two cushioning combo, the Vans Rowan 2 features Vans' patented, dual-density ImpactWaffle technology, providing additional cushioning in the heel and towards the forefoot for ultimate impact protection without reducing boardfeel.

This is then coupled with Vans' SickStick rubber compound in the outsole ensuring that the Vans Rowan 2 provides maximum grip and board control, alongside a pivot circle in the forefoot for easy foot adjustments and a reversed waffle tread pattern on the heel for extra longevity.

Vans Rowan 2 Skate Shoe (Chocolate Brown) Sole Tread Pattern

We've got the Vans Rowan 2 in a stylish Chocolate Brown colourway with brown suede panels, light brown canvas side panels, tan Duracap poking out from under the suede and a white Vans wave logo. For some added flavour, the Vans Rowan 2 also features a retro Vans 'V' graphic on the tongue and heel as well as a custom top eyelet.

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Vans skate shoes at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.