Product Spotlight - Thrasher Magazine April 2024 (Issue #525)

By Dan Bunn


Find out what's inside the latest issue of Thrasher Magazine as Filipe Mota comes through with a heavy Hollywood High NBD for the cover.

Feed your hunger for skateboard knowledge with the newest testement of The Bible, bringing you interviews, articles and more with all your favourite skaters. Coming in hot with a brand spanking new issue for April 2024, Thrasher Magazine Issue #525 has everything you want and more with a hectic NBD on the cover, a load of fresh and exciting lore and all of your favourite returning features.


For the April issue of Thrasher Magazine, Primitive young gun, Filipe Mota, has landed himself on the cover with an absolutely bonkers NBD at one of the most iconic spots in the world.

Shot by the man himself, Michael Burnett, at the infamous Hollywood High handrail, Filipe can be seen stomping an absolutely mind-blowing kickflip front blunt down the 16 for the ender to his part in Primitive's 'DAYDREAM' video. 

Flipping into this handrail is no joke and flipping into a front blunt is about as bonkers as it gets. Not that you can tell that from the footage, Filipe makes it look about as difficult as rolling off a curb.

Filipe Mota Thrasher Cover Thrasher Magazine Issue 525 with Michael Burnett

Inside the mag, Thrasher Magazine Issue 525 is loaded up with 200 pages of top-quality skateboard content, including a load of new interviews, articles and more.

With features ranging from the new Lunatic Fringe with cover boy, Filipe Mota, to an in-depth look at San Francisco's legendary Top of Mason handrail in the new Epic Spots, Thrasher Magazine Issue 525 is absolutely jam-packed with goodness.

Alongside all the new features, the mag also includes a host of interviews with all your favourite skaters like Vincent Alvarez, Dakota Servold, Peter Hewitt and more.

Of course we've also got all of their regular pieces like Mail, Zounds, My War, Trash, Photograffiti and Firing Line because it just wouldn't be Thrasher Magazine without them.

Thrasher Magazine April 2024 Issue 525 Epic Spots
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