Product Spotlight - Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire Wheels

By Dan Bunn


Extremely powerful collection from legends both old and new, the new Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire collab is packed full of coloured wheels, anime graphics and so much more.

Another day, another top-tier collab from two certified legends of the game. This time, everyone's favourite wheel brand have teamed up with one of the most exciting brands in skateboarding right now, coming through with a range of one-of-a-kind wheels, tees, hoods and more. Combining the unrivalled engineering of Spitfire wheels with the inimitable design of Jerry Hsu's Sci-Fi Fantasy, the new Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire Wheels collection is the absolute pinnacle of skateboard collabs.


First up, the brainiacs over at Sci-Fi Fantasy and Spitfire have put their heads together to come up with an incredible selection of new wheels, featuring several stylish graphics and even some unique coloured wheels.

Everybody knows Sci-Fi like to do things differently and for this collab, they've taken Spitfire's ever-popular Formula Four wheels and added a load of their own flavour for the ultimate blend of style and performance.

Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire Dyson Wheels (Black)

Coming in hot with a new pro wheel for the mastermind behind Sci-Fi, we've got the new Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire Jerry Hsu Wheels which come in Spitfire's rounded Classic shape making them perfect for locking into technical grinds and slides, and of course popping storm flips.

In true Sci-Fi Fantasy fashion, these new Jerry Hsu pro wheels feature a stylish anime-inspired graphic, complete with Japanese kanji and a Spitfire logo for that extra bit of culture.

Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire Jerry Hsu Wheels

Alternatively, if you're after something even more quirky, we've also got the new Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire 'Dyson' and 'Sapphire' Wheels to satisfy your coloured wheel cravings. 

For the goths: the Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire 'Dyson' Wheel comes in an edgy all-black colourway with a futuristic, printed side graphic drawing on Sci-Fi's love for corporate aesthetics. Available in Spitifire's chunky Conical shape with a hardness of 99D, the 'Dyson' wheels are all-terrain weapons which can handle anything in their path.

Meanwhile, the Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire 'Sapphire' Wheel takes things one step further with a unique clear construction (which is more of a ruby colour than sapphire but we'll let that slide) and internal Sci-Fi graphic for a truly one-of-a-kind look. Unlike the 'Dyson' and 'Jerry Hsu' wheels, the 'Sapphire' wheels feature a softer 90D construction making them perfect for cruising.

Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire Sapphire Wheels


As well as these new wheels, the collection also features the new Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire 'Burning Time' T-shirt with the Sci-Fi lads working their magic on Spitfire's iconic Bighead logo.

Available in a classic White or vibrant Azalea pink colourway, the Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire 'Burning Time' T-shirt takes the Bighead logo and gives him a textbook Sci-Fi Fantasy corporate twist with his flaming briefcase in hand.

Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire Burning Time T-shirt (Azalea)


Alongside the new tee, we've also got the new Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire 'Silence' Hood which features a more minimalist design, taking Spitfire's iconic spiral logo and adding a distinctive Sci-Fi Fantasy twist.

Available in a sleek Black and White colourway, the 'Silence' hood features a small Sci-Fi chest print and a large back print of Spitfire's signature optical illusion-esque spiral logo alongside some more Japanese kanji for that sweet Sci-Fi flavour.

Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire Silence Hood (Black)


Last but not least, we've also got the Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire 'Classic' Cap which again features a reimagining of Spitfire's iconic spiral graphic with some additional Sci-Fi flavour.

This sleek little number comes in a timeless Black colourway and 6-panel, snapback construction with embroidered artwork on the front and a Spitfire clamp label on the rear for a truly classic aesthetic.

Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire Classic Cap
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Sci-Fi Fantasy x Spitfire skateboard wheels and clothing at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.