Product Spotlight - Heroin Skateboards Spring '24

By Dan Bunn


Load up on the good stuff with the latest decks from Heroin Skateboards, bringing you a load of bangin' collab graphics as well as a fresh batch of Eggs.

Heroin Skateboards are back doing what they do best for their Spring 2024 collection: coming in hot with a load of new pro models for all your favourites, including Craig Questions, Tom Day and their newest pro, Swampy, with a wide range of weird and wonderful shapes. Obviously it wouldn't be a Heroin Skateboards drop without some new Eggs and their wooden geese have been working overtime this season, laying a wide variety of bangers with something to suit every taste, no matter how you like your Eggs.


First up, Heroin Skateboards' newest recruit, Swampy, has been treated to a new graphic by the legendary Japanese artist, Hirotton, who's come through with a suitably swamp-themed design.

The Heroin Skateboards 'Swampy x Hirotton Gators' 9.125" Deck features a load of leopard skin mutant alligators emerging out of cursed eggs on an OG Deer Man of Dark Woods shape with wheel wells and a double drilled nose.

Another bangin' collab deck, the new Heroin Skateboards 'Curb Crusher x Crawe' Deck features some seriously creepy artwork from Leeds based tattoo artist/musician Steve Myles on Heroin's beloved 10.25" Curb Crusher shape.

Heroin Skateboards Swampy x Hirotton Gators Deck and Anatomy of a Wide Boy Egg Deck

We've also got a new pro model for top Bloke, Craig Questions, with his new 'Heavy Haulage' deck, channeling his love for scrap metalling with its junkyard graphic designed by George Yarnton.

Complete with a bangin' old school shape and double drilled nose, the Heroin Skateboards 'Craig Scott Heavy Haulage' 9.5" Deck is the perfect sled for anyone who likes to play around with their wheelbase.

For the more technically inclined, the drop also features a token popsicle deck just in case shaped decks aren't your thing. The Heroin Skateboards Tom Day 'Flies' Symmetrical Deck features the colourful 'Flies' artwork by Foz with a symmetrical nose and tail for the ambidextrous among you.

Heroin Skateboards Tom Day Flies Symmetrical Deck and Heroin x Snot Lil Booger Deck


Of course, we know what you're all really here for: Heroin's infamous range of egg shaped decks, and boy do we have some bangers for you in this drop.

Starting things off with a bang, we've got the highly sought-after and ultra rare Heroin 'Eggzilla 2' Deck which comes in at a whopping 14" width for that ultra-stable, skimboard feel with a bangin' Godzilla top graphic.

Another large and in charge Egg from the collection, the Heroin Skateboards 'Anatomy of a Wide Boy Egg' Deck comes in at a slightly more reasonable 10.4" width so you'll stand at least some chance of being able to flip it.

Heroin Skateboards Egg Shaped Decks

Next up, the Heroin's Spring 2024 collection also sees the return of the popular Razoregg with the new 'Razoregg Symmetrical Spliced' Deck which features their signature RazorEdge technology and spliced coloured veneers for for the wood nerds.

Although Halloween might still be a while away, Heroin Skateboard's Spring collection brings those horror movie vibes with the new 'Aaron Wilson Teggxas Chainsaw Egg' 9.125" Deck, because it's never to early too start celebraring spooky season.

Heroin Skateboards Teggxas Chainsaw Egg and Razoregg Symmetrical Spliced Decks

Alternatively, if you're looking for something a bit different, Heroin Skateboards have once again teamed up with Snot Wheels for the disgusting-yet-cute 'Lil Booger Egg' 8.5" Deck which puts a snotty twist on the classic shape. 

Last but definitely not least, we've got a limited edition reissue of the Egg that started it all: the Heroin Skateboards 'Daniel Shimizu Egg' 8.5" Deck, first conceived back in 2016 after Shimizu requested an early 90s-inspired football shaped deck.

Little did they know that this shape would become one of Heroin's best-selling decks with countless different iterations (and imitations) and fans across the globe so it's nice to see them return to their roots. That's history right there!

Heroin x Snot Lil Booger Egg Deck
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Heroin Skateboards decks at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.