Product Spotlight - Dungeon Gateway Clothing Spring '24

By Dan Bunn


We're hyped to be stocking Dungeon Gateway skate clothing, bringing you top quality mosh-wear from one of the UK's most beloved skate artists.

Founded by one of the UK's most recognisable artist's, Funeral French, Dungeon Gateway are known for their dark, gothic graphics featuring a blend of imagery from old-school fantasy and metal album covers that's sure to appeal to any moshers. You will have definitely seen French's artwork in the shop before - with his designs featuring on Heroin decks, Vague Skate Mag covers and more - and now we've got a whole load of Dungeon clothing to help you further celebrate his dark arts.

The latest batch of Dungeon skate clothing includes a load of new T-shirts, hoods, joggers, caps and beanies, all of which feature French's iconic artwork, complete with creepy ghouls, eerie architecture and other varieties of gothic goodness.


First up, we've got a fresh selection of Dungeon T-shirts in both shortsleeve and longsleeve variants, all of which feature French's signature gothic artwork with plenty of skeletons, castles and all manner of spooky imagery for that old-school metalhead aesthetic.

Coming through with some seriously sinister vibes, the Dungeon 'Tower' and 'Escape' T-shirts feature spooky, ghoulish designs which wouldn't look out of place on a death metal album cover thanks to French's distinctive woodcut style.

Both of these T-shirts come in longsleeve variants in a range of colourways, with additional sleeveprints for extra flavour, while the 'Tower' Tee is also available as a shortsleeve if you're looking to show some skin.

Dungeon Tower Longsleeve T-shirt (Chocolate / Safety Yellow)

But don't worry if ghouls aren't your thing, we've also got the Dungeon 'Portcullis' Longsleeve T-shirt which features an equally eerie back print of a medieval portcullis with an ominous set of eyes staring out at you. 

As with the other longsleeves, the 'Portcullis' T-shirt also features a single Dungeon sleeve print for some tasteful extra branding.


Dungeon Gateway Portcullis Longsleeve T-shirt (Black)


If you're a fan of the 'Tower' graphic but you're after something a bit warmer, we've also got the Dungeon Gateway 'Tower' Hood which features the same iconic artwork on the chest and sleeve in a 3D puff print for a lovely textured effect.

Available in a timeless black colourway with white graphics, the Dungeon 'Tower' Hood features a pullover fit with a kangaroo pocket on the front for a classic aesthetic. 

Dungeon Tower Hood (Black)


Keeping with the cosy vibes of the hood, the latest Dungeon Gateway collection also includes some new joggers for a more mosher take on a full tracksuit.

The Dungeon 'Logo' Joggers feature a classic sweatpant construction with a loose fit, cuffed ankles and internal drawstring for dialling in the perfect fit. To spice things up, they've added a puff print Dungeon logo down one leg to match the 'Tower' and 'Portcullis' Tees and Hood.

Dungeon Logo Joggers (Black)


Last but not least, the drop also features some new Dungeon Gateway caps and beanies which both feature Dungeon logos in a stylish metal-inspired font. Whether you're an all-weather beanie wearer or you're looking to move into cap season as the weather gets warmer, Dungeon Gateway have got you covered.

Both the Dungeon 'Logo' Cap and Beanie come in a selection of bangin' colourways, including Black / Glow in the Dark as well as some more colourful options if that's your thing.

Dungeon Logo Cap (Olive)
That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Dungeon skate clothing at CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.