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Jim O

What's new?: Palace 'Shock' and 'Hesh' decks and Jamal Smith's Pro deck too. A A full clip of decks from Alltimers, Pass~Port, Welcome, GX1000 & Quasi.

photo: @youngblud

By now you've probably heard about the Brooklyn Banks situation... pretty fucked. Theories of Atlantis bring back their Top 12 for the legendary spot. If you fancy being the change you wish to see in the world, sign the petition to save the Brooklyn Banks HERE

Brooklyn Banks Rumours 

Film Trucks boys went Along the French Riviera hitting up Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Nice & Antibes. You what?? BS Smith Tail Grab steez at 4:20 bro... fire emoji.

Jenn and Maria have a joint welcome to Adidas/Superstar colourway part featuring some clips of the mans Heitor Da Silva and Samantha Narvaez. Photo of that melon is boss.

Jenkem are tired of seeing your whack selfie clips. Read their guide on how to film yourself properly, it’s the least you can do considering it’s all anyone is seeing on their instagram feed. 

Related to the above, FYI... this is how it’s done. Also courtesy of Jenkem. 

This interview is like a week old but we haven't raided TWS in a while so just enjoy it. Louie Lopez chats to The Chromeball Incident about how he's keeping during quarantine, the whole Flip experience, and a bunch more. 

Mason Silva is on Real Skateboards. We all kinda saw this coming. The part is insane though. 

On the topic of things being mental, that Vans Euro vid is hectic. Some definite wtf tricks in there for sure.

Slap .gif of the Week: 

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