Top 5 with Daryl Dominguez

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We spoke to the big homie the other day and got him to spill the beans on his top 5 favourite parts

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You've probably seen Daryl putting in the work with his trademark steez in one of Bastard's edits like Nocturnup Bangkok or Hong Kong, or this. Even though he couldn't choose an all time top 5, here's a few of his favourites:

5. Alien Workshop - The Cinematographer Project

The music, the aesthetic, the AWS authenticity and just what an incredible line up.

4. Scott Palmer - Blueprint Lost and Found

This needs no explanation - especially to a British audience. This part definitely resonates deeper than just the skating. Scott’s demeanour is incredibly humble and open and I pay a lot of respects to those who don’t use the beauty of our beloved for egotistical means. New generation skaters please take notes.

3. Quiksilver - Outhouse, Warehouse, Flophouse

Bill Strobeck + high speed, powerful yet elegantly finessed Austyn Gillette lines. This is quite an old clip from an era of company ‘web clips’ that seem to be hard to track down. Thankfully this one is still on YouTube. Speed | Power | Pop | Style

2. Bobby Worrest - Welcome to Venture

The only truck company clip anyone should give a fuck about. Switch | Tre 

1. Evan Smith - Element Zygote

Flowty, free and fluid with an enlightened energy that is all pervading and all encompassing. A continual source of inspiration for me personally in modern times.

It wouldn't be a Top 5 without some honourable mentions:


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