Always Late To The Party

by Mike

Sometimes life moves pretty fast. Sorry for the slacking, normal services has resumed.

Been a while since we've done this links, turns out July has been a busy month. Who would have guessed? Keep the calendar free for next month too, on Saturday is round two of the Prom Queen Social Club and Sunday sees Grim's Ramp Jam III both happening down at Spit. Then we've got the second CSC x Blue Honey Summertime Cook Out happening on the 12th, and the ninth annual Plaza Comp on the 19th. Three weekends of ultra-fun. Might do some other bits as well, who knows?

New arrivals: Karl Watson My First Skateboard book, Heroin X Texas Chainsaw Massacre collab decks and tees, new WKND, Tired, Doom Sayers, Quasi and Krooked decks, Carve Wicked drop 4, Magenta clothing, Theories of Atlantis clothes and decks, Pig wheels and tools, all new CSC Two Tone shorts.

Quasi came out with what's probably gonna be the video of the year. If you haven't seen Mother yet, you're totally blowing it.

Yardsale is kinda like if Alltimers and Hotel Blue hooked up in London, had a kid together but then had to split their time between London and LA. 

DC's Streetsweeper vid will have you gagging for some Lynx and swishy pants. PS Kalis offically has the dopest cover of all time. British video of the year?

There's still time to donate to Reid's SkatePal fund.

Donnalouise is being a total legend and raising money for Spit. All the cash she raises will be getting matched by Barclays. So dig deep and chuck some coins in the pot. It's almost at 3k now, which means Spit'll receive 6k. Just imagine what they could do with that cash. Recreate some of the best spots? El Toro? Love Park? EMB? 

Is Ishod going to be remembered as a crème de la crème superstar? We think so.

Ped produces the goods for Exist's Go Skate Day. Speaking of which, Harry dropped ours too.

CRV WKD have a drink with Jimmy.

Girl went for a rip in Canada. Beebs picking up girls at the spot is priceless.

adidas treated us with a joint birthday part in NYC from Gonz and Tyshawn. How'd you pull a wheelie on a Citibike?

Village Psychic remixed all of Tiago's footage from this year.

Lakai harks back the golden days of EMB for the new Jovontae inspired Cambridge shoe. Big pants, small wheels and just you wait for the bigflip.

The Note crew complete Manchester's CIS plaza in Hot Air. Joe Gavin's still the best ever.

Something else that deserves your money.

The concept skate video trend part continues with Ryan Reyes Ditch Dimension

Matlock on the Penny-esque shifty flip.

Mini-docco on FTC is good. Don't forget to support your local shop kids.

Conor got an interview in Grey. Pick up a copy in the shop.

Ben Gore got speechless.

Primitive get grimey in London. Prepare for some Wade and Marek dopeness.

Nicky Bastard went out to South Africa filming the Route One team. Got lots of savage Dylan footage in it. Man deserves to be more hooked up than he is.

Grosso's Love Letters are back. Seems fitting that the new one's on downhill skating. Hills are fucking gnarly.

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