Go Skate Day Downhill Deathrace 2018 Footage

Footage from the first ever CSC Downhill Deathrace for Go Skate Day 2018, watch now!

Harry Deane's been working day and night to give you, the people, what they want. The edit from the madness that went down at the Penarth Hills a few weeks has surfaced, with some mad skillz from Lloyd Houston, Mike Hellier, Kev Barry, Nick Jones, Ethan Watkins, PJ, Carter, Jess Young, Conor Charleson and many more.

Shout outs to Josh Underwood, Al Power, Jim'O, Ian Fernando, Christian and Nia, Harry Deane, Phil Morgan, Shiner Dist, Bronson, Spitfire, Indy, Handy, Rock Solid Dist, Primitive and Grizzly. Without you lot, none of this would have been possible.

Do you wanna see us do this again next year? Let us know in the comments or on the back of a tenner.

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