Tuesday's are the new Mondays

by Mike

Getting used to posting these a day late.

What's going on here? Photo: Jess

So Tommy turned pro for Seven over the week. Big ups! Thanks to Ashmore for putting up with a bunch of pissed helmets for the evening. We managed to get our train back too fellas.

Spit's birthday is this Sunday. Everything you need to know is right here.

Passport guys got Greecey.

Atlantic Drift: Vegas coming soon?

GQ1000 - skateboarding is SO hot right now.

New Kader part? Hmmmmm, yes please.

Will Harmon chatted to Barney about the new Etnies video. Apparently Joslin has a 12 minute part.

Mellow Barca edit of the Butter fellas. Marnold's got a few bits in it too.

Girl and Chocolate took a trip to China. Speaking of which, all the Girl & Choc video output is on their site. Apart form Pretty Sweet, but do you even want to see that?

New Pizza edit is hectic.

New stuff into the shop from Polar, Welcome, Passport and a bunch of other rad shit, but I've been slacking too much and ain't got round to getting online. Tune in next week.


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