Top 5 Gangsta Parts With Welsh Tommy

by Mike

Welsh Tommy, the techest man in Wales (and probably the UK) delves into his extensive video catalog to pick out his Top 5 most gangsta parts.

Photo: Horse

Welsh Tommy, now there's a man who knows exactly what he likes and what he doesn't like, whether that's music or skating or booze (beer = great, rosé = fuck no). With his go to 'old faithful' warm trick being a (lengthy) switch front tail 270 flip out, he's arguably the techest skater you'll ever see.

Not only that, but despite being in his 30s he's still got the energy of a teenager when he skates. You try doing a 4 trick line and not being out of breath before the fifth trick. Tommy does 20 trick lines without breaking a sweat. Good tricks too, not just a little crook and then a kickflip on flat. I'm talking nosegrind nollieflip out, switch backtails, and then some super jazz tech like revert slappy front nose pretzel quickfoot shuv. Someone once said Tommy does Leo Valls better than Leo Valls, skip to 1:32 for proof.

Tommy's renowned for being a footage machine. Take him to any spot with a block and you're gonna have to bring a spare memory card just to capture all the footage. He must have put out at least 15 parts. There's Underexposed, East's Vapors, this part, a day in the life which is pretty much a full part, NTWICS, Crayon's Five Years, Furr, and those are just the ones I found from 3 seconds on Google.

Tommy decided theme his choices around gangsta parts (which we love), cos in his words 'the kids need to know this shit'.

Josh Kalis - Photosynthesis

Kalis at the top of his game! Paying cops off at Love with his pro shoe! This part of my VHScopy is pretty much unwatcable due to repeated viewings.

Anyone want to buy Photosynthesis on VHS off me?

Stevie Williams - The Reason

"It's nothing but a piece of wood with some skates on man. Nahmsayin"

I remember Rhys Tweek backside flipping the Sports Cafe stairs in rain on a Stevie Williams board back in 2002. It was almost as cool as Stevie's Chocolate advert...Almost!

Rob Welsh - Ryde Or Die Vol. 1

Legend has it that the name Welsh Tommy was derived from Rob Welsh. You'd have to ask Liverpuleo for confirmation though. I broke a Rob Welsh board in Barcelona in 2003 (stressing like an idiot) while filming a line with everyones favourite pickle. Dykie was kind enough to lend me his board... I ended up snapping the nose clean off it! Good times.

Henry Sanchez - Sight Unseen

"Neva forget" where you came from! This sentiment rings true. Henry pretty much did every ledge trick first! Everytime I see somebody spell the word legend 'ledgend' I think of Henry.

Bobby Worrest - Hometown Turf Killer

Fred Gall and Mike Carroll's love child taking a shit on that orange bag of dick's doorstep! Allegedly, Donald Trump said "It was the biggest shit of all time, of all time! Believe me."

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