Good Links for Good People

by Mike

Happy birthday to Sean Barnes! He's probably out skating right now, go buy him a beer and some nappies.

Any excuse for this.

Cava Brain #2 has got Newport's finest plus Sam Beckett in Spain wounding the transition. Carve Wicked stuff available now 😉

Hotel Blue crew took a trip to SF, featuring minimal hillbombs in All Flat.

A year after the sad demise of Cliché, Flo Mirtain finds himself a new home at Habitat. Free Mag also did an interview with him where he talks about the fall of Cliché, what's happening with Hôtel De Ville, @josimards_crew and more.

Toy Machine took a trip to China, guessing this offcuts for their next video? Please say it's coming out soon.

Giddy #06 has got lots of Frenchmen doing good French things and an appearance from Conor. PS There's lots and lots of Rémy in this <3

Nine Club's 2018 roll continues with Dillman. Features Dill's impression of James Brown's greatest interview, impressions of Rodney Mullen, not seeing daylight for a year and may just be the funniest and gnarliest Nine Club podcast.

Girl have got a film contest on the go, with Spike Jonze judging. Surely someone's keen to hit this up?

A crowdfunder has been set up for Huw Caddy's NUCL Sauce. It's pretty deadly sauce. You should invest. Sack of Bitcoin, this is gonna be big baybee.

Blondey gets probably the worlds best new sponsor.

Daniel Kim aka @vertgod's got a new part in Stop Fakin' 3. Lots of well executed street grabs and that track from Stranger Things. Also has John Francomacaro in it.

Sebo's ditched Lakai, rumour mill has it that he's going to adidas. However this means a space in the van for Griffin Gass.

Update on Cory Kennedy's court case. Pretty devastating news.

Boil The Ocean muses on an alternative reality of what if's in a brizarro world of SOTY winners.

TWS interviewed Brady about the Royal Family, guessing part two with Jensen is coming soon.

Tommy went all G-Boss on us in his Top 5.

Updated the Cinema page with some bits that should have been on there a long time ago.

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