Top 5 with Harry Deane


For this weeks Top 5, we sat on the Official CSC sofa and fired some text messages to the master HD lensman, Harry Deane.

Photo: Ben Deane

Bristol Mike once described Harry as a giant 12 year old who's either smiling cos he's happy, or smiling cos he's a bit confused. It's a pretty spot on description to be fair.

Harry has been behind the lens for years now. Racking up lots of hours sat in the gutter filming the mandem, and in process getting a long list of edits and videos under his belt. He's become the go-to guy for people wanting more #coverage. His Youtube has lots of good stuff.

One thing that people should, or probably already know about Harry is that he hates having to write anything. So sorry if you were expecting some well constructed paragraphs drawing parallels between the gentrification of spots and the current economical climate. 

Bobby & Hjalte - Looks OK to Me

2 Big sexy's and 2 heavy tunes, do I need to say anymore?

Nike SB Loud Pack

GT, CK and Ishod fucking wounding some serious transition. People hated the filming and editing but what do they know?

Omar Salazar - Mind Field

Never seen someone so stoked to be a board. Gets me hyped every time. Weapon.

Sox - Carve Wicked

Do I have to write anything about this...Sox...ummm, too weird to live, to rare to die.

Dane Burman - Cold War

Everyone loves Zero. Anyone who says they don't is lying and is full of shit.

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