Top 5 with Gareth Leak

by Mike
This week we went international to bring you a Top 5 (again). Currently residing in Barca with rest of the Cardiff scene, Gaz sent us this list with some heavy classics.

Photo: JC

Gareth Leak aka Chunk Delicious is known for his big poppa style, beard and smile. Gaz somehow managed to 5.0 fakie Mean Street Banks with no wax, first go (as seen in his Hologram part). He's had full parts in Now in a Minute, The Baja Video, and his own Wiki Leaks Vol. 1. Also, he's the loudest snorer I've had the displeasure of hearing.
Photo: Craig Dodds

'Way too many parts I'm hyped on so this was pretty tough to pick a top 5, but its all about the big dogs in this list.' - Gleak

1. Brian Anderson - Yeah Right

Always watched Yeah Right on VHS before going skating and usually only got through the first half of the vid, and this was easily my favourite part.

BA is a beast.

2. Andrew Allen -  Prevent this Tragedy

Back in the days of print mags and free DVDs! Whole video was savage, but Andrew's always been a favourite! Mental opener! Mental ender, and loads of gnarly / switch tech in between!

3. Ed Templeton - Welcome To Hell

I had been skating for a while before I saw this video, missed the boat on the VHS, but was a big fan of Toy Machine around the Suffer The Joy era, so did my research and rinsed all of Ed's parts. So hyped on this; noseblunts, feebles and smiths everywhere! Bossman. 

4. Bobby Worrest - Hometown Turf Killer

Time for a web part now. Any Bobby section is a classic and brings the hype. This one is a standout as its all filmed in his local plaza, so many lines! And theres an interview with Bobby online somewhere talking about how much of a bust this place is, definitely worth a watch too.

5. Ave- Propeller Raw files

Keeping the Ave theme running. He's always been a savage, and he's not slowing down. The original part is not on Youtube, but the raw files is just as good! This part is full of power tech moves and in the full vid he's shredding to Ozzy. 

Bonus: Kenny Anderson - One Step Beyond

This was the first full length skate vid I ever saw! Recorded it from the Extreme Sports channel and watched it to death! Kenny's part stood out the most, good song, amazing style! And he nose manny'd around the world! 
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