Billy Trick's Top 5

by Mike

Thought it would be #goodmarketing and a bit of fun to start doing top 5 section's with people. You know, something to involve everyone with and maybe open some peoples eyes to something they've never seen before. Or some other hippy bullshit.


Portrait: Ben Murphy

For the first in hopefully many Top 5's, we got CSC pro Billy Trick to pick out the stuff that gets him hyped. Keep scrolling to see what he chose.

1. Jason Dill - Photosynthesis

All of it! He's got a flavour that's right for everyone! The gear is so funny. His hands coming out of the manny revert fakie manny. Oh, and the backside flip on the steep bank at the Brooklyn Banks in those fucking 3/4's and a vest. "I think it's me being more flamboyantly...extravagantly..uh, I don't know maybe I am THAT fucked up"

2. Ricky Oyola - Eastern Exposure 3

It's so raw. That long line at the start with the switch shifty on flat. That gets me so hyped ahaha! The the shifty out of the curb cut and the Metallica song kicks in. Polejams and wallrides. True East ha!

3. Julien Stranger - Skypager

He's so fresh and stylish. He's got the most chillin' arms. He has got the best back lips! Seeing him skate in person is the dream. I love Julien.

4. Dane Brady - I Like It Here Inside My Mind, Don't Wake Me This Time

It's the most inspirational part in the video in my opinion. It stands out to me the most of that video. It's all like he just left the house and went to look for weird spots that no one else would even see.

5. Callum Paul - Pass Port Edit

He's so smooth and looks like he's cruising the whole time. Long legs and long hair!

Bonus: Chris Jones - Vase

The best word to describe his skating is lovely ahaha. He's lovely at skateboarding. Fucking hell salt and vinegar mccoys are so good*

*extract from the string of Billy's Whatsapp messages. Not sure if he was relating CJ's skating to salt and vinegar McCoy's (the pinnacle of crisps), or just letting me know he's down for them.

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