Nat Jones' Top 5

by Mike

Nathaniel Jones steppin' up to the mic to drop some Top 5 hammers.

If there was ever a CSC Award for Best Taste, Nat would win. He's always looking fresh and rocking something months before it's caught on. He's the guy who always knows what's coming next.

While Nat plays the subtle card in his day-to-day business, he's tinkering away behind the scenes, making rad shit. He's responsible for some our favourite Independent and Santa Cruz clothing. Along with his more recent work for Quiet Life, Primitive and Quartersnacks. Let's not forget his Requiem for a Screen work either. You should probably have a read of his TWS interview too.

Mark Gonzales - Video Days

'We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams’

Gonz’s creative approach to life is amazing, his influence on everything I love about skateboarding makes him a total legend and undisputed champ of being yourself and making rad shit. If you’ve never watched this then you are in for a treat! Pure style.

Drake Jones - Manolo's Tapes

Most of the footage in this is from 411VM wheels of fortune. It was the first proper VHS I had so I totally rinsed it. Drake makes all his tricks looks so good, when this remix part popped up online a few years ago it became an instant favourite, some of his best footage in three and half minutes plus a banging Reflection Eternal track from Sound Bombing 2 which is also worth checking out. Best nose slide ever? Shell toes? Ollie over the bar with a quick back 180 off the curb. What else do you need.

Mike Carroll - Modus Operandi

As soon as those strings start I get hyped! Kurupt goes in on the track and Carroll is one of the all time greatest to ever do it. The opening line is one of the smoothest things ever, plus added Scott Johnston and Rick Howard make this an all time classic.

Benny & Chewy - Palace x adidas

“What you mean, what you mean?'

The whole vibe to this is just so good, Palace boys raising the bar and having fun doing it. Imagine getting to design your own adidas tracksuit, next level. I also watch 'Endless Bummer'  fair bit too, hurry up with the next video please never enough Chewy footage.

Bobby & Hjalte - Looks OK To Me

With so many internet parts dropping every week it's hard for anything to stand out and warrant repeat viewing. These guys prove with a decent bag of tricks and the power bar on full you just need a block and some flat ground to smash the perfect pre skate hype section.

Same as it ever was.

Bonus: Elijah Berle & Kyle Walker - No Other Way

This is just mental all of it. I’m a big fan of a white tee/work pant/vans combo. Elijah's young, but has already got that timeless OG Venice powerful style. So good to watch, the clip at 2.40; zero fucks given. Someone needs to tell Kyle to chill out I don’t think anyone else does shit that big and makes it look so easy. 
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