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Serious Adult

Serious Adult 'Trick Set' Toy

Serious Adult 'Trick Set' Toy

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Serious Adult come through once again with world and game changing invention. The Trick Set is a pocket size wonder that will change you and your crew's lives for the better. Slide the squares around to create the ultimate combos to challenge yourself or your mates. Treat it like a Game of Skate, try it on stairs, ledges and ramps, use it for when you're stuck on what flatland trick to piece together that banger of a 3 trick line you've been stressing on. The ultimate skateboarding must-have since wax was invented.
  • The ultimate skate toy accessory
  • 1 - 10,000 players
  • Endless possibilities for skaters of all abilities
  • Create challenges against yourself or your mates
  • Makes a change from a Game of Skate
  • UV Printed front graphic¬†
  • 9cm x 7.5cm x 0.5cm (Perfect pocket size!)

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