What Is Skate Shop Day?

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 Wondering what the deal is with all this Skate Shop Day business? Have no fear, we're here to tell you everything you need to know about the most important day of the year.

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What is Skate Shop Day?

Much like the music-based equivalent, Record Store Day, Skate Shop Day is an annual event, taking place on February 18th, that's aimed at recognising the work done by skate shops around the world and bringing people together to celebrate their importance. Capitalist critiques aside, skate shops are the foundation of every skate scene and Skate Shop Day is all about celebrating these cultural hubs by getting people in their local shop to show some love to these largely under-appreciated heroes who go above and beyond to support the scene.

Founded in 2020 by two childhood friends, Scotty Coats and Chris Nieratko, due to the role that skateboarding and their local skate shops played in both of their lives. While Scotty went on to follow a career in music, becoming marketing manager at the legendary Capitol Records, Chris dedicated his life to skating and opened his own shop, NJ Skateshop in 2003 with two of his other childhood homies. Inspired by the music industry's Record Store Day, Scotty decided to adapt the idea for skateboarding and so, Skate Shop Day was born.

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Skate Shop Day 2023 takes place on the February 18th every year. While this may seem like a pretty random date, it was chosen because February is one of the quietest months for skate shops with the weather often being pretty bleak and everyone being worn out from the excitement of Christmas, New Years and the January sales. As such, Skate Shop Day is intended to bring people into skate shops in one of their deadest months to give them a bit of the financial and moral support they desperately need. Apparently February 18th is also Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day, World Pangolin Day, National Battery Day and Pluto Day if any of those are of interest to you.

But don't worry it's not all about soppy displays of affection, there's also fun-filled events, exclusive Skate Shop Day product - including a load of bangers from Deluxe like a new Ishod Twin-Tail pro model and Krooked Pure Evil Beamers alongside new clothing and decks with artwork from Mike Gigliotti - and other exciting stuff to remind everyone why you should even care about supporting local shops in the first place: because they facilitate the participation in, and acquisition of, dope shit. I mean if it wasn't for your local skate shop where else would you get your £90 Hockey deck and garish Grizzly griptape?

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Why Should You Care About Skate Shop Day?

'So what?!' I hear the more jaded among you ask; why should you give a shit about some dingy, little skate shop? Well, that's a very valid question with a pretty straightforward answer: because 90% of the time if it wasn't for skate shops, the vast majority of you wouldn't be skating in the first place. Whether it's helping a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed kid set up their first ever board or staying open an extra five minutes to help you change a busted bearing, skate shops care about you, so the least you can do is return the favour for one day a year. I mean it's not like any of us actually make any money so you can't accuse local shops of only being interested in profit. We do it for the love, man.

15 things you didn't know about owning a skate shop, by Chris Nieratko - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

But more importantly, by supporting local shops you're helping to support your local skate scene as a whole by keeping the money within the local scene rather than throwing it away to some multinational corporation which, frankly, doesn't give a shit. From stocking local brands to paying local artists for clothing and ad designs, skater-owned businesses support other skater-owned businesses which helps keep the scene thriving. But if you're wondering how this affects you then consider this: if you ever end up trying to start your own brand, you'll stand a much better chance if you've got a thriving local scene and a benevolent local shop to help you along the way. Good luck getting your ill thought out, derivative clothing brand stocked in a major chain... 

That's enough chit-chat though. Keep your eyes peeled for more Skate Shop Day content but in the meantime, head to the shop to buy the latest skateboard decks, clothing, shoes and more from CSC. Or, check out more of the latest news, videos, and product reviews on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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