Washer II Premiere

by Mike

The countdown's started, Washer II is almost here!

The thing everyone's been patiently waiting for, or don't really give a shit about (we still dunno which camp we're in), but Washer II is so close to being here you can almost reach out and grab it.

The premiere's happening this Friday, that's THIS Friday, 16th of November. Not Saturday, not next week, and not in fucking January. Kicks off at 8pm upstairs in Beelzebubs, formally Small Bar, next to 10 Feet Tall. The GPS location is here

We're also blessing you lot with the first viewing of the newest video from Huf too! Which we've been assured has lots of Austyn footage.

You know what to expect on the night, lots of laffs, lots of largs, repeated.

Quickly do some revision on the first Washer while you wait for Friday.

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