Video Daze - Right Here For Pablo

by Dan Bunn

The GX1000 crew are back doing what they do best, propelling themselves down the most ridiculous hills and banks from San Francisco to Russia in their latest full length masterpiece, 'Right Here For Pablo'.

It's safe to say 'Right Here For Pablo' is truly epic in every sense of the word, both in the whopping 51-minute length of the video, the insane lineup and the skating itself. The GX boys have taken their tried and tested formula of hurtling down the gnarliest hills imaginable to new heights (literally and metaphorically) in what is easily their most impressive video to date. Would love to know the exact mileage of the hills they skate in this, it's gotta be the most distance ever travelled in a skate video. Dumb Data, what you saying?

For those who don't know, the name pays tribute to legendary GX1000 alumnus, Pablo Ramirez (AKA P-Spliff), who tragically died after being hit by a truck back in April 2019. GX videos haven't really been the same without him so it's pretty heartwarming to have a load of posthumous P-Spliff clips in the video, whether he's tanking it down a hill or just bringing the vibes to the session.

'Right Here For Pablo' features an insane lineup with everyone you hope to see in a GX video - including full parts from Jeff Carlyle (although it seems his raw power can't be contained in just one section), Eddie Cernicky and Chris Athans - as well as cameos from all time legends like Andrew Reynolds, Tristan Funkhouser and Elissa Steamer. We even get a cheeky little Jake Johnson part too if that ain't enough for ya. That nollie front 180 wallride is absolutely tapped.

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