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Dan Bunn

The lovely lads over at Vague have teamed up with Vans UK for a bangin' new video based in the North of England, featuring a load of the North's finest battling their way through some fearsome crust. 

Filmed by the ever-productive Will Smith, 'MUSH' is a joint effort from Vans UK and Vague Mag who pooled their resources to bring together some of the finest talent the North has to offer with full parts from Sam 'Blinky' Hutchison, Paul Watson and Albie Edmonds, alongside guest appearances from Jono Coote, Ben Broyd, Shaun Currie, Merryn Garner and Leo Turner. We've also been treated to an accompanying article in the latest issue of Vague, in which Jono goes on an extremely enjoyable ramble about archaic British games and their connection to our own weird little activity.

Despite the implied softness of the title, the video's substance is far more unyielding with the gang laying siege to some propa' Bri'ish crust that's sure to stoke the dwindling embers of patriotism lurking deep down inside you far more than any sordid royal pageantry. If the sight of Blinky hurtling down precipitous brick banks doesn't make you feel something then I don't know what will.

There's just something more real about these Northern spots compared to your typical London footy. The smooth floors, pristine ledges and abstract shapes of Central London are replaced by red bricks and cobbles, supermarket car parks and children's playgrounds for a sense of rugged authenticity that's sure to be far more familiar for the average viewer. Although maybe the excessive levels of crust says more about the personal tastes of the lads in this video than anything else.

As if this new video isn't exciting enough, we've got a load of good shit from the Vans crew coming up in the not-too-distant future, like the upcoming Black Mass event at Bute Square with Sabbath Wheels, Heathen Skateboards and OG Distribution that's definitely gonna be one for the history books. That's only the half of it though as there's some even more exciting news to be announced soon; we can't say anything just yet but keep your ears and eyes peeled. It's gonna be BIG!

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