Video Daze - Max Palmer 'Spiked Off'

Dan Bunn

 We've got some new Max Palmer wizardry to enrich the soul with galaxy-brain trick selection at some absolutely filthy spots, backed up by a load of the Limosine homies. Today is a good day.

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Celebrating the launch of Spitfire's new Max Palmer pro wheel, Max has scoured the streets of New York in search of never-before-seen spots that only he could, and would, skate. Whether he's skating randoms blocks of concrete, poppin' drains or making his own sketchy setups out of ratty bits of plywood, as ever there's no spot too esoteric to escape his wrath.

The fact an internationally-celebrated professional skater spends the majority of his time on the type of shitty, back-street spots that an over-eager 13-year old from any nameless, British small town would skate is nothing short of inspirational. It's like the skateboarding equivalent of that picture of Jeremy Corbyn in a tracksuit. He's truly a man of the people.

Max is the intrepid explorer, machete in hand, hacking his way through the dense undergrowth of cutty spots and carving out new pathways for future generations to follow. Hopefully as society continues to break down and urban spaces decline we'll be treated to even more of these junkyard spots for Max to get creative on and you never know, there may rise a worthy successor to the crown of Lord of Rats.

While pretty much everything Max does is an NBD - mainly because nobody else has ever touched 90% of the spots he skates - he managed to pull out a game-changing NBD at New York's legendary Verizon banks for his ender. This spot's been getting thoroughly rinsed for many years now, so of course it takes a free-thinker like Max to be able to sniff out a new way to skate it.

But anyway, it ain't all about Max though as he's joined by a strong retinue of his homies from Limosine to sweeten the deal, including Cyrus Bennett, Karim Callender, Noah Mahieu and a couple of the new heads. Although this brings me on to my only bit of criticism: where the Nelly clips at?!

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to buy Limosine skateboard decks and clothing from CSC. Or, check out more of the best skate videos on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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