Video Daze - Kiitos

by Dan Bunn

Witness our man Jack Steele and the rest of the Santa Cruz Euro division in action in Alan Glass' new edit, 'Kiitos'.

Bespectacled Shiner TM, Alan Glass, has been hard at work wrangling the Santa Cruz Euro squad as they made their way around a number of choice European destinations over the last couple of years. But he hasn't stopped there, as he's also managed to capture the carnage and distill these years of hard work into a bangin' new video titled 'Kiitos' - which apparently means 'thank you' in Finnish.

'Kiitos' features a seriously heavy lineup with more than its fair share of UK legends, including Aaron Jago, Amy Ram, Seb Batty and CSC's very own Jack Steele, alongside a load of other Santa Cruz heads like Onni Saltevo, Blake Johnson, Anibal Martins, Nimrod Toledo and Gabriel Ribeiro as they explore London, Bristol, Vienna, Lisbon and Gran Canaria.

Maybe we're biased but obviously Jack Steele's the star of the show as he delivers flawless tech with some Wade Desarmo-level self-deprecation and trouser adjustment. As if it was ever in any doubt, Jack firmly establishes his position as the noseslide GOAT, coming through with every variation you could ever hope to see executed with the utmost finesse. They don't call him J-Steez for nothing.

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