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Dan Bunn
Jimmy Silv has done it again, coming through with a flawless new edit for HUF UK featuring the likes of Ben Keegan, Cass Doig, Dan Fisher-Eustance, Tom Delion and more.

CSC Shop Dragon and LSP's finest, Jimmy Silver, is back once again with an extremely on-trend video for HUF UK, firmly solidifying video-making as one of his many talents alongside backside kickflips, niche boardslide variations and Call of Duty quickscopes - and given Jim's aptitude for first-person shooters, 'headshot' is a pretty appropriate title.

Albie Edmonds Polejam Melon Grab from HUF headshot video, photo by Reece Leung - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

The video features a solid selection of HUF UK legends - including Tom Delion, Dan Fisher-Eustance, Isaac Gale, Albie Edmonds and Joel Banner - sandwiched between earth-shattering parts from Cass Doig and Ben Keegan, as well as a signature backside kickflip and niche boardslide variation (this time a very rare switch bigspin lipslide) from the main man himself.

James Silver backside kickflip from his headshot video, photo by Rich West - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

With haunting B-roll and a brooding soundtrack, 'headshot' curates a raw, atmospheric vibe that's pretty rare to experience in your average skate clip, instead placing it somewhere between skateboarding and arthouse cinema (reminiscent of the work of Jurgen Haabemaaster). Regardless, Jim's music selection and editing introduces a much-needed impending sense of dread to the skate video genre that'll keep you glued to the screen far more than any trite 'skate punk' or hip hop.

Ben Keegan Roof Drop-in from HUF headshot video, photo by Reece Leung - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

We're big fans of this new, gritty aesthetic direction HUF UK have been going in - it's a fair bit more tasteful than the HUF weed socks days at the very least - and it's not just because it's our man Jimmy's at the helm. However, Jim's steadily increasing catalogue of bangin' vids leaves one question at the forefront of our minds: when the fuck is he gonna release his long-awaited quickscope montage?! Come on Jim mate, give the people what they want! Oh, and if you enjoyed the video we've got some very exciting HUF-related news coming soon so keep your ears and eyes peeled!

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